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kapil chauhan
kapil chauhan donated INR 1,000 5 minutes ago
Ajeeshkumar S A
Ajeeshkumar S A donated INR 3,500 11 minutes ago
D donated INR 1,000 15 minutes ago
Amruta donated INR 500 15 minutes ago
Vithagan S
Vithagan S donated INR 5,000 15 minutes ago
Ajay Singh mourya
Ajay Singh mourya  donated INR 100 17 minutes ago
Anna cherian
Anna cherian donated INR 1,000 20 minutes ago
Patel Halesh
Patel Halesh donated INR 1,001 21 minutes ago
Priya donated INR 150 23 minutes ago
Prakash Saradgi
Prakash Saradgi donated INR 200 24 minutes ago
M VINOTH donated INR 500 26 minutes ago
Chaitra donated INR 2,000 29 minutes ago
Someone donated INR 500 29 minutes ago
Reshma , Muslim Colony, C.N Halli (tq) .Tumkur (di)
Reshma , Muslim Colony, C.N Halli (tq) .Tumkur (di) donated INR 1,100 31 minutes ago
Nagarathnamma , Anepalya, C.N Halli (tq) .Tumkur (di)
Nagarathnamma , Anepalya, C.N Halli (tq) .Tumkur (di) donated INR 1,000 33 minutes ago
Shilpa , Honnayanahatti, C.N Halli (tq) .Tumkur (di)
Shilpa , Honnayanahatti, C.N Halli (tq) .Tumkur (di) donated INR 650 36 minutes ago
Sriram donated INR 200 36 minutes ago
Shakila, Yagachihalli , C.N Halli (tq) .Tumkur (di)
Shakila, Yagachihalli , C.N Halli (tq) .Tumkur (di) donated INR 321 38 minutes ago
Rishika arun
Rishika arun donated INR 300 38 minutes ago
Yashodha, Karehalli , C.N Halli (tq) .Tumkur (di)
Yashodha, Karehalli , C.N Halli (tq) .Tumkur (di) donated INR 1,100 40 minutes ago

Despite institutional efforts, over 80 million children are not completing the full cycle of elementary education in India.

Source: A 2015 report of United Nations Children’s Fund

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