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Provide Quality Education to 200 Rural Poor Farmers' and Tribal students from remote Korpana & Jiwati Taluka of Maharashtra by supporting Search Foundation in raising money for the student's education


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Our Search Foundation is working since 2002 in the remote, naxalite affected, tribal areas of Korpana & Jiwati Tahsil, in Chandrapur District of Maharashtra. Nearly 100 villages are living in substandard conditions with the major occupation of rain-based farming and agricultural labor. Government schools and government-aided schools are in vernacular languages but still, their system is traditional and ineffective. Witnessing this, we launched a value-based educational project and established the first English-medium school named "Scholars Search Academy, Korpana" in 2005 from Nursery to 12th. We provide advanced and skill-based education to tribal students to make them self-sufficient.

Our survey revealed that the financial problems arrived due to the COVID-19 pandemic, out of the total of 700 students in our school 200 might drop out.

They are unable to pay the fees of the previous session as well as for the current session. The educational system is not encouraging, if the children go back to the same system again they will lead a tough row to hoe without any opportunities just like their parents. They might become landless laborers or petty farmers with the verge of ending their lives. We want to support them totally but unfortunately, we are unable to bear the total fees. 

The parents eagerly want their children to pursue a good education but having financial complications. We all surely don't want that thus, we have determined that we will not let the students drop out of school & consistently talking with their parents and making them aware of the importance of quality education. Even after daily counselings through phones or personal meetings parents are not ready to change their thoughts and prioritize their child's education due to their continuous frail financial condition. 

Finally, we decided and tried to raise funds for their education. Our trust will contribute 25% of yearly expenses incurred for student's education. However, it is not possible to provide education with a 25% contribution. So, we have decided to raise the other 75% of yearly expenses with donations.

With this amount of the donation and our contribution, we will do all the necessary arrangements to make the students capable to continue their studies. With this total fund, we will completely support the students with their tuition fees, transportation fees, to buy study material for the students which include notebooks, textbooks, uniforms and to provide quality education with Interactive E-Learning System.


As presented in the Hindu newspaper in 2018, an economic survey has revealed that in India, 4.86 percent of primary school students, 28.62 percent of secondary schools, and 42.8 percent of upper secondary school students drop out before completing targeted education. According to this analysis, India’s economies lose up to 0.30 percent, or worth US $6.79 billion of their GDP due to children failing to complete secondary education. The report suggests that to aware and educates parents about the opportunities for continuing schooling of their children is the most effective way to retain students. *

The impact we wish to create is saving 200 students from dropping - out of school. There are a total of 200 students who need help immediately. These students are from different classes from 1st to 12th and hail from different villages. The total amount to be borne is Rs.67,10,000 for FY-2020-21. We have decided to bear 25% fees (Rs.16,77,500). We need support for the other 75% (Rs.50,32,500).

If these 200 students will not be dropped out because of the money raised by us then they will become the well-nurtured educated generation of India and will be the harbinger of change for their communities. 



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