Monitoring & Evaluation
Tracking your
grant-to-impact journey
Assess progress, analyse results and ascertain impact for
social outcomes that last
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Why M&E is vital to your CSR journey

Monitoring & Evaluation helps you stay on top of real-time progress, keep stakeholders aligned, and course correct when required.

This vital step helps measure the impact of projects and programmes being funded, and ensures that they are aligned with the organisation's social mission and strategy.

Above all, it ensures the funds allocated for social development are utilised effectively and efficiently.

The Give Grants Way
Give Grants provides end-to-end management of funds, nonprofits and programmes to power lasting social change
Measuring impact is complex. But here’s why we get it right.
Timely project
milestone deliveries
Legal & financial
stakeholder interactions
decision making

Our approach to Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Tracking project & financial milestones against KPIs
  • Periodic site visits
  • Documenting beneficiary interactions
  • Managing project risks
  • Single point contact for NGO & vendor coordination, troubleshooting
  • Beneficiary data management
  • Grant documentation
  • Fund disbursement
  • Fund utilisation certificates
  • Periodic impact reports
  • Stories from the ground

Impact Stories

Partner Since 2022
76 oxygen generation plants installed in 22 states across India

  • Rigorous training of 3000+ medical professionals 
  • 7000+ govt, non-profit, & industry stakeholders sensitised on OGP utilisation
  • Remote areas like Kargil in Kashmir, Sunderbans in West Bengal now benefit from OGP facility

Global top 10 multinational bank

Partner Since 2022
Direct Beneficiaries 16,925 +

  • Enhanced accountability through transparent, real time reporting 
  • Demonstrated impact through showcasing tangible outcomes 
  • Improved stakeholder engagement and fostered trust by actively involving beneficiaries and gathering feedback.
  • Enabled informed decision-making through valuable insights for project adjustments and future initiatives.

Global investment bank & financial services firm

Partner Since 2021
Implementation + M&E
Direct Beneficiaries 30,000+

  • Meticulous vendor management to ensure high-quality work and timely completion
  • Fostered high trust through our exemplary diligence & rigorous monitoring and evaluation of each project
  • Give Grants demonstrated healthcare landscape expertise & in-depth knowledge of international aid regulations led to seamless project & compliance management
  • Raised public awareness about the partners commitment to improving healthcare, disseminated through multiple communication channels

Global audit & consulting company

Partner Since 2022
Grant $5 Mn

  • Expedited & reliable grant disbursement due to expertise in FCRA audit and legal requirements. 
  • Strong legal and compliance support, ensuring adherence to regulations and promoting transparency.
  • Trustworthy partner with demonstrated expertise in project management, legal compliance and efficient grant utilization.

Cryptocurrency platform

Partner Since 2021
Grant INR 78 cr

  • Agile grant utilization: Deep understanding of on-ground Covid relief equipment challenges enabled swift and targeted utilization of funds for maximum impact.
  • Comprehensive project oversight: Monitored project progress, facilitated disbursement & maintained strong legal and compliance documentation.
  • Trusted collaborator: Partnered closely with the client's CSR team, providing dedicated support and expertise throughout the project lifecycle.
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