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Why Partner Identification & Due Diligence

Sifting through 1.6 lakh+ registered NGOs in India can be daunting. Given the high compliance risk, extensive diligence is a necessity.

A comprehensive partner identification process ensures your CSR journey is with a trusted & mission-aligned partner.

What we do in Partner Identification

We help you connect with the right NGO partner, design thematic projects and evaluate your partner organisation’s credibility.

Our extensive repository of 500+ CSR-ready programmes cover the entire SDG spectrum across 29 states.

Over 20 years of working with 3500+ vetted NGO partners allows us to offer simplified financial, compliance, and programme information for a seamless grantmaking journey.

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The Give Grants Way
Creating impactful partnerships
We help you select rigorously vetted nonprofits
aligned with your social impact goals, and invest in
your community with confidence.

By matching your impact goals, budgets and
locations with nonprofit competencies.

Impact Stories

Leading global industrial gas & engineering company

Give Grants’ partner identification process assisted the donor partner in identifying an NGO focused on road safety and emergency medical care across India.
With truck drivers the largest employee group for donor partner, the NGO was an ideal fit. 
The project’s 360° approach to road safety resulted in - 

  • The training and capacity building of 10,000+ individuals
  • Awareness building and advocacy
  • Partner identification & due diligence
  • Improved road safety engineering 

Indian IT & consulting company

  • Challenge - rigorous due diligence of tech organisation’s 37 NGO grantees
  • Created a new in depth assessment framework 
    • 7 key focus areas & 4-point rating scale evaluating NGOs' performance
    • Detailed audit ready documentation checks
  • Assessment focus areas : 
    • Vision, Mission, Values, Culture
    • Strategy, Performance, and Planning
    • Community Engagement
    • Fundraising Practices
    • Brand Building and Visibility
    • Program Processes
    • Organization Systems and Processes
  • In-depth analysis enabling informed grant decisions
  • Qualitative observations and recommendations for each NGO
  • Detailed due diligence on all NGO grantees, setting a new standard
  • Enhanced transparency, accountability, and maximum impact alignment

Fortune 500 MNC, life sciences equipment & services provider

CSR Budget 6 cr.
Sector Literacy, STEM Education, and Health & Nutrition

How we helped

  • Multiple iterations to identify projects & customized solutions, aligned with company's core values 
  • Balanced Intersectionality & streamlined projects to prioritize Literacy, STEM Education, and Health & Nutrition
  • Rigorous due diligence of potential partners for each project 
  • Detailed program information for informed decision-making
  • Selection of projects that align with budget, geographical preferences & impact potential
  • Initiatives aligned with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for broader impact
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