1 child in every 15 needs your help

When you support an orphan, the child is less likely to be malnourished, abused, or to harm themselves and others, but grow into responsible adults and contribute to society.









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Enables social responsibility

When occupied with work we forget our responsibilities towards society, but I thank GiveIndia for streamlining the process and enabling working individuals to easily manage their social responsibilities alongside their jobs.


Software Engineer

Seamless giving experience

It has been a fabulous experience to date. I don't need to give any reminders for the timely receipts or even if you have any genuine complaints, their chat is 24 hrs with all the details by email. I would like to rate it 5/5!

Dharti Thaker

Education Sector

Timely tax receipts & reports

It has been a smooth process. I appreciate the monthly updates on the beneficiaries, fostering trust with GiveIndia. Plus, the convenient payment process and tax receipts are highly beneficial.


Corporate Lawyer


How will your donation help?

1,000/month will support one orphaned child with nutrition, education, and a stable environment to grow and thrive. Our trusted, vetted and reputable NGO partners take care of these children in their shelter homes.

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Impact of your donation

Supporting the physical and emotional needs of an orphan child, will help them give back to society rather than take away from it.


Provides a safe shelter

Your support will protect homeless orphans from living on the streets, malnutrition and the risk of abuse


Access to education

Empowering children with literacy ensures better paid jobs and helps shield them from poverty


Makes a lasting impact

Nurturing orphans will break the cycle of neglect and help them become caring, responsible citizens


Stories of Hope

Found at a train station, Mahi aims to be a doctor

Mahi was rescued from a railway station when she was six years old. She has been under the care of our NGO partner since 2018. Though an introvert, she has good reading and drawing skills, participates in extracurricular activities and aspires to be a doctor.

Mahi, 11 years old

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Real change

Your choice to give monthly will make a long-lasting impact

Regular updates

Learn how you are changing lives through our reports

Trusted giving

Every beneficiary you support is under the care of GiveAssured nonprofits

You can provide an orphan a future they never imagined

Your support will help an abandoned child grow into a caring, responsible citizen


Everything you need to know about our monthly initiative, if you have any other questions please reach out to us at: support@give.do

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