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10 NGOs in Hyderabad working to break the cycle of poverty

As many as 2,508 child laborers were rescued in July 2019. In the recent report of TOI, the Joint Director of Women and Child Welfare Department (WCWD), KRS Laxmi Devi, has also informed that the highest number of child laborers were rescued from Hyderabad (276), Adilabad (270) and Medcha (240) districts of Telangana. These children, often live on streets, railway platforms, bus stations and in unhygienic, disease-infested slums. Many nonprofit organizations are working tirelessly to build a better tomorrow for the less privileged. Here are a few NGOs in Telangana trying to make a difference in the lives of the poor. 

1. Basic Research Education and Development (BREAD)

BREAD, an NGO for children in Hyderabad was founded in 1989 to support bright students from rural areas to pursue higher education. It also awards scholarships for financial assistance to ensure that financially challenged bright students do not give up their education because of poor economic conditions of their families. Donate online to help more unfortunate students complete their education. To support BREAD, you can donate  here.

2. Don Bosco Navajeevan (DBNJ)

NGO in Hyderabad: Don Bosco Navajeevan (DBNJ)

With a unique approach called Street Presence, Don Bosco Navajeevan has street educators located in hot spots to offer continuous support to children on the street. They are present round-the-clock at various strategic locations where children enter the city, live or work. They speak to the children to gain their confidence and trust, before helping them. To help them rescue more children from the vicious cycle of poverty, donate now! To support Don Bosco Navajeevan, you can donate here.

3. Ashray Akruti 

With a vision to provide a life of dignity to people with disability, Ashray Akruti was established in 1996. 6 in 1000 children born in Andhra Pradesh /Telangana are born deaf. To serve these children in need Ashray Akruti started with five children and now caters to the Educational and Vocational needs of about 550 children and youth with a disability. Donate online to gift a hearing aid to a child in need. To support Ashray Akruti, you can donate here.

4. Priyadarshini Seva Mandali

Established in 1991, Priyadarshini Seva Mandali provides a platform to the unprivileged. The organization currently works with the grassroots level to bring them back to the mainstream. They focus on facilitating community organization and women empowerment that leads to the sustainable development of the society. They organize nutrition and medical support to HIV children, serve mid-day meals to 45-50 destitute senior citizens in Khammam. Give a monthly donation to this NGO for women in Hyderabad to feed healthy meals to a destitute and abandoned senior citizens. To support Priyadarshini Seva Mandali, you can donate here.

5. Hyderabad Eye Institute (LVPEI)

Established in 1987, L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) is an eye health facility offering patient care, sight enhancement and rehabilitation services, and high-impact rural eye health programs. LVPEI focuses on economically disadvantaged groups in rural and urban areas and reaches them through its network of satellite clinics and rural affiliates. To support their noble mission, donate online now. To support Hyderabad Eye Institute, you can donate here. 

6. Hyderabad Round Table 8 Charitable Trust 

Hyderabad Round Table 8 Charitable Trust is a member of the Round Table India (RTI) – a fellowship and community service organization. Project 511 works in the area of infrastructure and competency building. They construct toilets,  provide blackboards and seating to all classrooms. They also provide schools with science labs and teaching and learning kits. To support Hyderabad Round Table 8 Charitable Trust, you can donate here.

7. Hyderabad Council of Human Welfare (HCHW)

Established in 1990, Hyderabad Council of Human Welfare is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor and downtrodden. They support children deprived of education and the joys of childhood. They also address the issues of child rights, education, health, HIV/AIDS, skill-building, livelihood, etc. Sponsor a child’s education in Hyderabad to give better lives to poor and unfortunate children. To support Hyderabad Council of Human Welfare, you can donate here.

8. Hyderabad Karnataka Disabled Welfare Society

Source : Global Giving

With a belief that people with disabilities can live with self-respect and dignity, this NGO in Hyderabad provides better facilities for education and training at the village level. They provide appropriate education, rehabilitation, intervention, training, and advocacy for people with disabilities. Help them build a world of equal opportunities, donate now! To support Hyderabad Karnataka Disabled Welfare Society, you can donate here.

9. Shine NGO

Empowerment of the marginalized through capacity building and sustainable rural and urban development programs is the mission and vision of this NGO in Hyderabad. Shine NGO helps its beneficiaries with a range of empowerment and welfare programs including education, health, skill development, awareness building, and self-help projects. You can donate to this remarkable NGO here. To support Shine NGO, you can donate here.

10. DESIRE Society 

Established in 2014, the mission of DESIRE Society is to improve the lives of people suffering from HIV/AIDS. They aim to reduce the spread of HIV and prevent the infection by making treatment and awareness accessible. You can donate to this groundbreaking NGO here. To support DESIRE Society, you can donate here

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