DONORS have tremendous power to make positive change and make a tangible impact on the world by supporting fundraisers that enable NGOs to work across critical areas in India. By making charitable donations to these fundraisers, donors become empowered changemakers and can actively participate in improving the lives of individuals and communities while leaving a lasting legacy of compassion and progress.

Here are 12 core development areas in which you can make an impact:

Child exploitation

One of the most vulnerable groups of people is children. Without proper care and guidance by adults, children suffer from issues such as poverty, child labor, sexual exploitation and lack of access to education. Indian NGOs play a vital role in addressing these issues by running fundraisers that provide shelter, nutrition, emotional support and education. This offers marginalized children opportunities for learning and skill development to empower them toward a brighter future. To explore children’s fundraisers on, you can search here.

Abandoned elders

Elders in India often face abandonment, homelessness and exploitation, leaving them vulnerable to dangers on the street after being kicked out by their children. To help abandoned senior citizens, fundraisers help NGOs offer rescue services, safe shelter, nutrition, medical care, physiotherapy, counselling and a family environment to ease their broken hearts. NGOs also give vocational skills training to equip seniors to live independently, while reuniting the elders with their estranged families. To explore senior citizens’ fundraisers on, you can search here.

Animal welfare

Animals suffer abuse, abandonment and accidents while India’s diverse wildlife face threats like poaching, human-animal conflict and habitat encroachment. Fundraisers play an important role in assisting NGOs as they rescue, shelter and give medical care and adoption services to animals in need. NGOs also work to reduce human-animal conflict by collaborating with local communities to advocate for wildlife protection, end hunting and poaching and raise awareness on animal rights and welfare. To explore animal welfare fundraisers on, you can search here.


Due to poverty and marginalization, many Indians have little to no access to medical care. NGOs fundraisers bridge this gap by reaching remote and impoverished communities with specialized healthcare services including eye care, dental care, surgeries and long-term medical support for individuals who lack access to medical professionals and facilities. These NGOs strive to improve the health and well-being of underserved populations, ensuring equitable access to essential medical care. To explore healthcare fundraisers on, you can search here.

Poverty alleviation

Poverty perpetuates a cycle of deprivation and limits access to basic needs such as shelter, healthcare, education and employment. Its consequences include homelessness, malnutrition, illiteracy and falling victim to crimes. Fundraisers to help the poor are instrumental in breaking the cycle of poverty by providing support such as education, vocational training, medical services and livelihood opportunities to help equip and empower the impoverished to uplift their lives. To explore poverty alleviation fundraisers on, you can search here.

Differently abled

People with disabilities in India often face significant challenges accessing spaces, education and employment, resulting in a reduced quality of life. NGO fundraisers stand in the gap by advocating for the rights of individuals with disabilities and working to make the world more accessible for people with disabilities. Through their efforts, NGOs for the differently-abled strive to empower people with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives with dignity and equal opportunities. To explore fundraisers for the differently-abled on, you can search here.


Indian women face serious challenges such as limited access to education, employment, unequal rights and safety violations and concerns. Fundraisers by women’s organizations are crucial in supporting women by providing shelters, legal aid, education, vocational training and advocacy for women’s rights while raising awareness about women’s issues and promoting gender equality to create a safer and more equitable environment for women across the country. To explore women’s fundraisers on, you can search here.

Disaster relief

Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, droughts and landslides frequently impact India, causing devastation and displacing communities. By supporting disaster relief fundraisers, donors can help disaster victims with temporary shelter, emergency First-Aid, food, drinking water and clothing. NGOs also engage in long-term efforts such as specialized medical treatment, home reconstructions and educational assistance for children, fostering resilience and rebuilding lives. To explore disaster relief fundraisers on, you can search here.


India grapples with pressing environmental issues including deforestation, air, soil and water pollution and the disastrous impacts of climate change. Fundraisers by environmental NGOs are at the forefront of restoration efforts, conducting research and implementing initiatives to mitigate these challenges including tree planting, restoring water bodies, advocating for forest protection and promoting sustainable practices, fostering a healthier environment for all. To explore environmental fundraisers on, you can search here.

Arts & culture

Organizations harness arts and culture as powerful tools for education, healing, recovery and empowerment. Supporting fundraisers can help NGOs inspire children to learn and develop critical thinking skills, and support trauma victims in expressing emotions on their way to recovery. By integrating arts and culture into their programs, NGOs enrich lives, promote holistic development and foster resilience among individuals and communities, creating pathways for positive change and growth. To explore arts & culture fundraisers on, you can search here.


NGOs leverage sports as a dynamic tool to foster teamwork and uplift communities. By donating to sports fundraisers, donors can help NGOs work with young people to create learning experiences and promote teamwork, leadership and discipline. Young individuals that participate in sports develop their physical health and also crucial life skills. Sports initiatives serve as catalysts for community empowerment, foster social cohesion and unity, and help individuals and communities thrive together. To explore sports fundraisers on, you can search here.

Human rights

Human rights issues in India span a wide spectrum, from empowering tribal communities to advocating for women’s and children’s rights. NGO fundraisers serve as crucial advocates and allies in this arena and work to ensure people have access to their fundamental rights. NGOs empower communities through education, advocacy, legal aid, awareness and protection. Through advocacy and interventions, NGOs play a vital role in advancing human rights and promoting social justice in India. To explore human rights fundraisers on, you can search here.

Become a changemaker!

By giving to charity, compassionate donors not only empower NGOs to carry out their vital work but also become active agents of positive change, making a meaningful difference in the world and creating a brighter future for all. 


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