The pandemic presents a unique opportunity for charitable giving

THIS Christmas is going to be unlike any other as we continue to battle COVID-19. Celebrations will be small if they occur at all, travelling will be limited, and gifts will probably not be accompanied by physical hugs and thank-yous. If you haven’t thought about it already, an online donation this Christmas will make a perfect gift. 

The pandemic has made life unimaginably harder for the least fortunate among us. So as we embrace a different Christmas like we have embraced so many other changes in 2020, let us try to bring a little festive cheer to those in dire need of our support. Here are five reasons to make an online donation this Christmas through Give.

1. Makes it personal – and safe

We all have a cause that we feel passionately about. It’s what bothers us the most, and what we sincerely hope to see improved in the world. You may care about educating the girl child, eradicating food insecurity, or supporting the differently-abled. 
Identify the cause that makes your heart beat, find an NGO that focuses on it, and make an online donation this Christmas! Give, India’s most trusted giving platform, runs fundraisers to support charitable trusts working in the education, rural development, and healthcare sectors, among others, making it the ideal place for personalised giving this year.

2. Donate to spread the Christmas spirit

Christmas time is characterised by joy, warmth and love. It is when many of us take time off work to spend with our family and other loved ones, to celebrate the year that has just passed, and to rejuvenate before beginning the next one. However, just as many of us struggle during this period as well, battling a variety of different challenges. This year has been especially difficult for the least fortunate among us due to the effects of COVID-19 on India

In such circumstances, donations to charity do much more than help; they bring joy, warmth, and love to those who would otherwise be deprived of the Christmas spirit. Make an online donation this Christmas to a cause through India’s top fundraising platform, Give, and ensure that the festivities are spread widely!

3. A donation is a gift that keeps on giving

This Christmas is going to be extremely unique. Many of us will be unable to reunite and celebrate with family and friends as we otherwise would during this time of the year. Any celebrations will have to take the form of small, intimate gatherings. It can be easy to feel despondent when the festive season is so subdued. 

Making thoughtful contributions to charitable trusts can be a powerful antidote because giving to charity has been proven to make us happier. The joy of giving is very real; donations are good for both donors and recipients in several ways. Through Give, India’s top fundraising platform, make an online donation this Christmas for your happiness too. 

P.S. All donations made through Give are eligible for 50% tax exemption under Section 80G – so you will earn a little something in addition to happiness.

4. An online donation is a gift to remember

How often have you received a gift that you ended up never using? Regardless of how hard we may try, it is always possible to give a gift that the recipient does not love like we had hoped they would. But what if there was some way to ensure that your lovingly selected gifts don’t collect dust in a cupboard forever? 

There is! Make an online donation this Christmas in the name of your loved ones through Give and ensure your gift doesn’t lie unused forever. Instead, it will help someone in need, improving their life, and making them happy. Both recipients – your loved one and the beneficiary of the donation – will never forget such a unique gift.

5. An online donation is a safe and convenient gift

Gift giving is stressful even under normal circumstances. Picking the perfect gift for loved ones can be overwhelming, and even once you have found it, wrapping, and delivering each one can be a real task too. These challenges are only intensified by the present situation, in which offline shopping isn’t particularly safe, and many remain wary of delivered goods. 

Making an online donation this Christmas to a charitable trust is the perfect solution. Donating in your loved ones’ name is convenient and safe – for you, for them, and for the ones whom your donation will help. COVID-19 has kept us from donating our time to the needy this year. An online donation this Christmas can make up for reduced volunteerism. Donating to a meaningful cause through Give is safe and convenient for everybody involved.

A bonus reason to make an online donation this Christmas: it’s sustainable

Traditional gifts may be made of unsustainable materials like plastic, and often come packaged in it too. They are wrapped in plastic and paper and decorated with accessories made of the same materials, creating a lot of preventable waste at this time of the year. Since plastic pollution and related ills are major contributors to global warming and climate change, giving in such a fashion isn’t always environmentally friendly.

Online donations to NGOs and their projects are completely free of such environmental concerns. Simply use your smartphone or laptop to make an online donation this Christmas to an environmentally friendly cause through Give

As we spend this unique Christmas safe and sound in our comfortable homes, let us remember to count our blessings. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to relax and celebrate during this exceptionally difficult year. Let us give back to those who do not enjoy this privilege. Make an online donation this Christmas through Give, and make Christmas joyful for someone in need.

Established in 2000, Give is the largest and most trusted giving platform in India. Our community of 2.6M+ donors have supported 2,800+ nonprofits, impacting 15M+ lives across India.

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