TREES are crucial to sustain life on Earth. In addition to releasing oxygen, which all life forms require to breathe and remain alive, trees reduce pollution, mitigate global warming, control water flow and are home to almost all land animals. But ongoing deforestation and expanding urban settlements are leaving a dark footprint on the face of the Earth leading to polluted air, accelerated climate change and declining biodiversity which harms the planet and all life within it. 

For the past 47 years, Peepal Baba has been sounding the alarm on the disastrous consequences of deforestation on the planet. Having developed early environmental consciousness at the young age of eleven, he began tree plantation activities as a child and has since planted over 1.27 crore Peepal trees across India. But tree planting isn’t enough for Peepal Baba. He shares that raising awareness about the importance of trees and encouraging more people to be proactive about saving the environment is the ultimate goal for future generations.   

Here are 5 reasons to plant more trees in India:

1) Trees release oxygen 

Think of trees as an umbrella or a shield that protects our planet. That is how Peepal Baba describes our planet’s green warriors that give life one of its basic components – oxygen. Through the process of photosynthesis, trees release oxygen and purify the air that we breathe. To illustrate this, it has been found that one large tree can supply four people with all the oxygen they will need that day.

2) Trees fight climate change

Peepal Baba explains that “trees control the temperature. If there are none, there would be no rain and our cities would reach boiling temperatures.” By absorbing and storing carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas, trees help cool the planet. With the planet facing the dangerous threat of climate change, trees have an important role in reducing temperatures and greenhouse gas emissions.

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3) Forests sustain human life

Forests are home to more than 80% of all land animals including mammals, insects, plants and other life forms. Biodiversity loss has disastrous consequences for human life as well, for example, the loss of bees leading to reduced crop cultivation. Supporting this balanced ecosystem is what preserves life on the planet – including human life – and it starts with tree conservation and plantation. 

4) Trees prevent flooding and landslides

Flooding and landslides are common in India and trees prevent these natural disasters by absorbing rainwater and decreasing the speed at which water is absorbed into the soil. Tree’s strong roots allow rainwater to seep through the soil and control irregular and excess water flow, preventing flooding which destroys life, habitats, livelihoods and the environment around us.


5) Trees reduce air pollution 

“40 of the most polluted cities in the world are Indian cities. Kanpur, Lucknow, Pune, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Delhi and Ludhiana – and why is this so? Because we have wiped out the trees from our cities.” Peepal Baba shares that without trees to absorb pollutants and release purified air in exchange, air pollution will continue to worsen human health and the well being of our planet. 

These are 5 core reasons that each one of us should be concerned about the loss of greenery and what it means for human life. is running a campaign that is raising funds for Peepal Baba to plant 50 lakh trees and fight the negative consequences of deforestation in India. Let’s explore more about Peepal Baba and his Give Me Trees campaign which is undertaking this noble and ambitious mission. To support Peepal Baba, you can donate here.

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Who is Peepal Baba?

Peepal Baba, whose real name is Swami Prem Parivartan, spent his childhood being inspired and encouraged by his grandmother and fourth grade teacher to protect the environment through tree plantation. From Chandigarh, Peepal Baba then started encouraging his friends, family members and strangers on the street to join the movement to plant and nurture trees. He labeled his movement Give Me Trees with a special focus on planting Peepal and Neem trees. While Give Me Trees started out as a hobby club, young Peepal Baba’s dedication for environmental conservation soon helped it bloom into a full-fledged organization that has changed the landscape and future of India. 

Now in his late 50s, Peepal Baba is as enthusiastic as ever to traverse the diverse landscapes of India, engage with local communities, raise awareness on the importance of tree conservation – while planting 50 lakh trees. 

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What will the funds be used for?

Tree planting is a process that requires more than just planting trees. It is a long process that requires time, research and preparation for site cleaning, pit digging, sapling procurement, manpower, tools and equipment, watering, manuring, mulching, beatification of the site and other administrative expenses. Once planted, the trees have to be maintained to ensure optimal growth and an ample lifespan.    

But tree planting and conservation is a collective effort that calls for more than just conservationists; it requires the participation of the general public to ensure that the tree planting efforts are sustainable. Peepal Baba holds workshops, seminars and interactive sessions that teach people about biodiversity, ecosystem health and the importance of natural habitat preservation. 

Peepal Baba planting trees

“It starts and ends with you,” shares Peepal Baba as he explains why it is important to include members of the community in this effort. The impact of deforestation is felt among entire communities of people who suffer from the effects of air pollution, natural disasters, food loss, forced migration and loss of jobs to name a few.   

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Peepal Baba campaign aims to raise funds to plant 50 lakh trees in India to improve our planet’s health. Based on his decades-long experience, Peepal Baba speaks directly to people concerned for the environment and shares that “we need to increase the tree count in India and if you want to create an impact, it starts and ends with you.” Peepal Baba aims to plant 50 lakh trees and fight the environmental crisis in a sustainable manner that will benefit generations of people in the future.

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