Our unique Call to Action in response to the COVID crisis

56 lakh Indians served by contributions made by our giving collective

WITH our 20-year history of partnering with trusted NGOs on the ground, we were in a unique position to respond quickly to the unfolding humanitarian emergency that the coronavirus presented when it first hit India.

Soon after we launched our first missions to support those adversely affected we realised to make a meaningful impact we would have to widen the scope of our operations, and gain absolute trust from the public at large to be able to garner the scale of support required.

So we set up the India COVID Response Fund on April 10, 2020 in consultation with our nonprofit partners, health experts and professionals in fund management and appointed a Steering Committee and 16-member Advisory Board to provide complete transparency. 

Here is a summary of the impact made by this fund – none of which would have been possible without the goodwill and commitment of each contributor. For a more detailed overview, please have a look at our report, below.

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