THERE have been countless NGOs that have won attractive rewards during Give’s Champion Charity League Season 1, giving them an opportunity to highlight their onground efforts before a diverse audience. The four NGOs mentioned in this article have been few of the stars of the first season of CCL. Read further to know more about the NGOs and support them in their mission.

Sambhav Foundation

Bengaluru-based NGO, Sambhav Foundation, since its inception in 2006 has played a pivotal role in transforming thousands of lives through its interventions in infrastructure development, education, and livelihood generations. 

Apart from education and livelihood the NGO has made a huge difference through its work in the public healthcare sector as well. Armed with a belief education alone can break the cycle of poverty, Sambhav Foundation has reached out to thousands of children from low income families and has empowered them for a brighter future.

In addition to education, Sambhav Foundation focuses on accessible healthcare. They ensure medical services reach remote areas through mobile clinics and awareness campaigns, improving overall well-being and promoting preventive healthcare practices.

Empowerment is also a priority for Sambhav Foundation. They offer skill development and vocational training programs to women and girls, enhancing livelihood opportunities and promoting financial independence.

Sambhav Foundation stands out for its holistic approach and compassionate work. They foster community engagement and collaboration, involving local communities, volunteers, and corporate partners to maximise impact and create lasting change.

Through their initiatives, Sambhav Foundation brings light and hope to countless lives. Their support helps individuals and families overcome adversity and achieve their dreams. 

Join Sambhav Foundation in empowering the needy and making a huge difference in lives of the less fortunate.

Indore Cancer Foundation Charitable Trust

Indore Cancer Foundation Charitable Trust (ICFCT) has been a ray of hope for countless cancer patients and their families providing diagnosis and making treatment accessible to a vast rural population across Central India. 

The NGO strives to make available affordable treatment of cancer to all, regardless of their socioeconomic background. By providing access to quality healthcare and early detection through health camps in rural areas, ICFCT is increasing survival rates and improving the overall well-being of cancer patients.

The trust’s efforts extend beyond medical treatment. ICFCT recognises the emotional and psychological challenges that cancer patients face. They offer counselling services and support groups to help patients and their families navigate the complexities of the disease. Through these initiatives, ICFCT creates a compassionate and supportive environment that promotes healing and resilience.

Additionally, ICFCT places significant emphasis on community outreach and awareness programs. They conduct educational campaigns, advocating for early detection, preventive measures, and a healthy lifestyle. By empowering individuals with knowledge, ICFCT aims to reduce the prevalence of cancer in the community.

What sets ICFCT apart is their unwavering dedication to their cause. Their team of medical professionals, volunteers, and support staff work tirelessly to ensure that every patient receives the care and support they need. They are driven by a deep sense of compassion and a mission to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those affected by cancer.

Join hands with Indore Cancer Foundation Charitable Trust and be a part of their noble mission. Your support can help illuminate lives, bring hope, and create a world where cancer is not a barrier to a fulfilling and healthy life.

Christ International Ministries

Christ International Ministries (CIM), has been dedicated to serving marginalised communities and bringing about positive change in the lives of the less fortunate since its inception in 2019. With a deep-rooted commitment to compassion and transformation, CIM strives to uplift lives and create a more inclusive society.

CIM’s mission encompasses a wide range of initiatives aimed at addressing the pressing needs of underserved populations. They focus on education, healthcare, skill development, and community empowerment.

Education lies at the heart of CIM’s efforts. They believe that education has the power to break the cycle of poverty and empower individuals to reach their full potential. Through scholarships, school programs, and vocational training, CIM provides access to quality education, equipping children and young adults with the tools they need to build a better future.

In addition to education, CIM is dedicated to improving healthcare in vulnerable communities. They work to enhance healthcare infrastructure, provide medical aid, and conduct awareness campaigns on important health issues. By ensuring access to quality healthcare services, CIM aims to improve the overall well-being of individuals and families.

CIM also believes in empowering communities through skill development and livelihood programs. By equipping individuals with vocational skills and entrepreneurship training, CIM enables them to become self-reliant and contribute to their communities’ economic growth. CIM’s focus on long-term impact ensures that the communities they serve continue to thrive even after their intervention.

Join Christ International Ministries in their mission to bring light and transformation to communities in need. Your support can make a significant difference, allowing CIM to expand their reach, uplift lives, and create a more equitable and compassionate society.

Sun Charitable Trust

Sun Charitable Trust (SCT) is an India-based nonprofit organisation dedicated to creating positive change and transforming lives. With a strong commitment to community empowerment, SCT is making a lasting impact in various spheres of society.

At the core of SCT’s mission is their focus on education and skill development. They believe that education is a powerful tool that can break the cycle of poverty and empower individuals. Through scholarships, school programs, and vocational training initiatives, SCT provides access to quality education, enabling individuals to acquire the skills necessary for a brighter future.

SCT’s efforts extend beyond education. They also prioritise healthcare initiatives, working towards improving the well-being of marginalised communities. By partnering with medical professionals and organisations, SCT offers medical camps, health awareness programs, and access to essential healthcare services. Their aim is to ensure that healthcare is accessible to all, regardless of socio-economic background.

Moreover, SCT is actively involved in community development projects. They collaborate with local leaders and volunteers to identify the specific needs of communities and implement tailored solutions. Whether it’s infrastructure development, clean water initiatives, or women’s empowerment programs, SCT strives to uplift communities and foster self-sufficiency.

What sets SCT apart is their commitment to transparency and accountability. They believe in responsible stewardship of resources, ensuring that donations and funds are used efficiently and effectively. SCT maintains a high level of integrity, building trust among donors and partners.

Join Sun Charitable Trust in their noble endeavour to illuminate lives and empower communities. Your support can help SCT expand their reach, touch more lives, and create a positive and sustainable impact in India.

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