GiveIndia has further strengthened its partnership with Give Foundation Inc (our 501(c)3 compliant US partner) to deepen investments for serving nonprofits in India.  This includes the acquisition of SaathiRe (Give Discover), a nonprofit research platform, and the strategic philanthropic partnership with Indiaspora, to accelerate global philanthropic giving to India. Give Discover makes nonprofit search easier and builds deep trust in the ecosystem for donors. GiveIndia’s online giving platform will now be known as and will also include Give Discover as part of the platform.

A robust platform

We will invest disproportionately in to partner with nonprofits, and build technologies and products for seamless fundraising and simplified giving. will become the single platform for the giving community (nonprofits, fundraisers and donors) to research and discover credible Indian nonprofits, raise funds for social causes and medical emergencies, and donate with trust and convenience.

GiveIndia recently entered into a strategic and long-term partnership with Indiaspora, a nonprofit comprising global Indian-origin leaders from diverse professions. Through its philanthropic initiatives, Indiaspora encourages giving from the Indian diaspora, with a significant focus on supporting  Indian nonprofits.’s mission of poverty alleviation, in all its manifestations and forms, by enabling the world to give, will continue to be its guiding star. We will stay tuned to the needs on the ground, innovate for scale, and find ways to inspire every person who chooses to give back.

Since its inception, our community of over 2.6 million donors and over 250 partners have supported more than 2,800 nonprofits, serving more than 15 million people across India.

We look forward to your trust and continued support in scaling impact and driving social change through

Give’s mission is to “make giving bigger and better.” Give is the most trusted donation platform in India for fundraisers and crowdfunding campaigns. Through our technology solutions, we enable individuals and organisations to fundraise and donate to a cause, charity or NGO with trust and convenience. Give’s community of 2.7M+ individual donors and 300+ organisations supports 3,000+ verified nonprofits with 80G deduction and serves 15M+ people across India. Find a fundraiser today!

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