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Give and Indiaspora enter into strategic philanthropy partnership

GLOBAL philanthropic giving to India is set to accelerate at a faster pace than ever before, with Give and US-based Indiaspora entering into a strategic, long-term partnership. While Give is India’s most trusted and largest giving platform, Indiaspora is a nonprofit comprising global Indian-origin leaders from diverse backgrounds and professions. Since 2012, Indiaspora has been working with the diaspora...

ICRF-2: A giving collective that rose to the occasion

ICRF-2, our flagship philanthropy collective, was one like no other and empowered us to make greater impact, faster. Pintu Yadav, a waste-picker living in Delhi’s Palam area, had sacks of recyclable materials, but he had no place to sell them because of the lockdown during the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Days turned into weeks and his family ran...

A giving collective like no other

THIS year’s deadly wave of COVID-19 was much more ferocious than when the pandemic first hit India in early 2020. When the situation quickly deteriorated in April, we launched ICRF-2 - the second version of our India COVID Response Fund - to get to work immediately as infections and the number of deaths soared. In many parts of urban India,...