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5 NGOs fighting plastic pollution in India

a hand holding the planet Earth in a plastic bag
EARTH Day, while celebrated on April 22nd, is often observed all month long and focuses on a specific theme. The theme of Earth Day this 2024 is Planet vs. Plastics, which draws attention to plastic pollution. Plastic pollution occurs when plastic is discarded and accumulates in large quantities and this has a negative impact on the environment, water bodies...

Atchayam Trust: an NGO for senior citizens that rescues and rehabilitates

a young man helping an old woman paint
NAVEENKUMAR was at a bus stand when he saw a homeless old man who was disheveled, emaciated and looked as though he had been on the streets for months. He approached the homeless person and began speaking to him. Naveenkumar compassionately heard his story about how he had been abandoned on the streets by his family and left to...

Neonates Foundation: an NGO for babies in the neonatal ICU

a medical professional looking at a baby in the ICU
FEW people have experienced the heartbreak of having their newborn infant in a critical condition in the ICU; even fewer know the hopelessness of not being able to afford the medical care that will help their children get better. Neonates Foundation of India is an NGO for babies who are in the neonatal intensive care unit and need specialized...

Mahan Trust: a medical NGO bringing medical care into the forests of Melghat

tribal people
MARGINALIZED tribal communities lack access to basic essentials such as education, resources and medical care. In the forested area of Melghat in Maharashtra, there are no hospitals, trained doctors or even a medical NGO for over 100 kilometers. The people who reside in these areas are tribal communities who have long been overlooked. Without proper medical care, their only...

Mrida: a tribal NGO training India’s next generation of footballers

a female goalkeeper reaching for the ball
SPORTS has the power to transform individuals and communities. From football legend Pelé giving a voice to the poor and downtrodden in Brazil to countless footballers from disadvantaged backgrounds proving that their sport can uplift entire communities, football has long been a source of hope and inspiration for children and adults alike. Mrida Education and Welfare Society is a...

SVP India’s Fast Pitch event: Connecting social sector leaders with key resources

SVP Fast Pitch 2024
IMAGINE a space where social sector leaders are given the opportunity to pitch their ideas to an audience full of potential givers, just like on the popular TV show Shark Tank! Now, imagine that instead of pitching for profits, these entrepreneurs are pitching for a social cause – a cause to make a difference in the lives of those...

Pinkishe Foundation: an NGO for women ending period poverty through pad distributions

MENSTRUATION is a natural process of the human reproductive system. It is an essential process required to procreate and continue the survival of the human species. But for reasons that people have not been able to overcome for millenia, it is often considered taboo and off-limits to acknowledge, let alone discuss. Because menstruation is considered a taboo topic, the...

5 health NGOs making healthcare accessible for the underprivileged in India

surgeons performing surgery
THERE are entire communities of people without access to medicine, doctors and medical treatment. This lack of access causes immense suffering and even death as a result of conditions and diseases that are preventable and can be treated. Most of these communities are marginalized people-groups such as tribal populations or rural communities that are often overlooked in the healthcare...

5 autism NGOs empowering people in India

AUTISM spectrum disorders are a group of neurological disorders, i.e. disorders of the brain. These developmental disorders can impact a person’s speech and communication skills, interaction and social skills, or response and behavior patterns. Autism is officially called autism spectrum disorder or ASD and impacts one in every 100 children, according to WHO estimates. Autism can be diagnosed in...

10 FAQs on tax savings and 80G deduction on your charitable donations

a person writing
IN India's philanthropic landscape, great change happens when compassionate individuals and trailblazing NGOs come together. At the heart of this relationship is the desire to make the world a better place. In addition to this noble endeavour is also the ability of citizens to contribute to social causes while enjoying substantial tax benefits in the form of an 80G...