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Give acquires Goodera’s leading India CSR grant management business

GIVE has acquired Goodera India’s leading Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) business, a global leader in CSR grant management platform, to strengthen Give’s goal to make giving in India bigger and better through impactful developmental initiatives. Give’s efforts to scale and direct corporate philanthropy towards lasting social solutions will get a massive boost with the addition of Goodera India’s 73-member team,...

Why institutional giving in India can be “better, together”

INSTITUTIONAL Giving is not new in India. Large corporate houses like the Tatas have been pioneers in setting up organizations and structures for doing philanthropy at scale decades before CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) regulations made it mandatory for qualifying corporates to spend a percentage of profits every year. While most do the minimum as required by regulations, there are...

Give launches its Institutional Giving Practice

TODAY, philanthropy is growing globally, and private giving has gained an important role in addressing human suffering, social justice, equitable economic growth, and so much more. As an organisation that is deeply passionate about addressing the inequalities and resolving social issues impairing our collective growth, it has been fascinating to see different approaches to philanthropy. One such system -...