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Give survey: Health and hunger are citizens’ top concerns

Hunger is a top concern
COVID-19 saw a dramatic worsening of India's health and hunger situation, exposing the fragility of the country's health infrastructure, food security and livelihood systems. So the revelations of Give's annual Giving Survey came as no surprise - with the majority (67%) seeing developing treatment for a disease, tackling hunger, and  providing access to nutritious food and essential health services...

ICRF-2: A giving collective that rose to the occasion

ICRF-2, our flagship philanthropy collective, was one like no other and empowered us to make greater impact, faster. Pintu Yadav, a waste-picker living in Delhi’s Palam area, had sacks of recyclable materials, but he had no place to sell them because of the lockdown during the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Days turned into weeks and his family ran...

A giving collective like no other

THIS year’s deadly wave of COVID-19 was much more ferocious than when the pandemic first hit India in early 2020. When the situation quickly deteriorated in April, we launched ICRF-2 - the second version of our India COVID Response Fund - to get to work immediately as infections and the number of deaths soared. In many parts of urban India,...

GiveIndia’s India COVID Response Fund is active again

ALMOST a year to the date that we at GiveIndia set up our India Covid Response Fund (ICRF) to provide relief to the mammoth humanitarian crisis that unfolded when the pandemic first began, we are reopening the Fund and relaunching our Covid missions. Sadly, our work in bringing relief to communities during the coronavirus crisis is not done, as cases...