The belief of children being God’s gift is nothing beyond mere tokenism. With children loitering around the streets helplessly, it is evident that child labour is on the rise in every nook and corner. Entrapped in the vicious circle of poverty and ignorance, these children fall prey to traps of trafficking, bonded labour, prostitution, petty thefts, among others.

Moving Forward against Child Labour



Nobel laureate, Kailash Satyarthi who religiously advocates for children’s welfare, collaborated with internationally renowned photographer Robert Fogarty in the Dear World Project. The project photographs child labourers rescued by Satyarthi with their ideas of liberation and freedom written on their bodies. Indeed, a noble way to empower them.

Also, this World Day Against Child Labour, which was celebrated on June 12th, some rejoice came from the revised Central Sector Scheme for Rehabilitation of Bonded Labour. Hoping to carve a bright future for these innocent kids, the scheme aims at increasing the compensation of children caught in bonded labour, tenfold. The scheme also expands the ambit of bonded labour to trafficking, prostitution and begging.

LetzChange their Lives

LetzChange is proud to have partnered with Sabuj Sangha, a non-profit that works towards helping child labourers get back to the enlightening path of education. The organization runs the National Child Labour School, initiated under the Government of India’s National Child Labour Programme (NCLP) and skillfully prioritizes placing child labourers into formal schools. Not only do the children receive vocational training and mid-day meals, they are also provided with monthly allowances and regular health check-ups. You can help the NGO by making small contributions, which would help them in reaching out to more such young ones who intend to come out of the web of child labour :

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