WORLD Population Day is observed on July 11th each year with a focus on population issues that impact our world. It was reported that the world’s human population has now reached 8 billion people, with India being the world’s most populous nation.

This population increase comes with many questions. While a healthy birth rate is required to uphold socio-cultural practices and build a strong workforce, it also threatens the supply of resources and accessibility of services required to help communities thrive. 

The theme for World Population Day 2023 is unleashing the power of gender equality: uplifting the voices of women and girls to unlock our world’s infinite possibilities. 15 years ago, much of the development world was engrossed in a book called Half The Sky. The book’s title comes from a proverb that states women hold up half the sky, indicating that they are half the population of the world and that without solving the issues that hold women down, we cannot solve the issues that hold humanity down.

Here are 5 NGOs that work toward gender equality in India:


The maternal death rate in India has come down to 97 deaths per 100,000 births, a marked decrease from 556 deaths as recently as 1990. But in many parts of the country, women lack access to healthcare facilities and the health of their children suffer as a result in addition to their own. Sukarya is an NGO in the Mewat district of Haryana that works to bring down the maternal mortality rate (MMR) by organizing health camps in remote villages and working with local healthcare providers to make healthcare accessible for mothers. Sukarya and its team of doctors have helped 6 million women so far and have made a significant impact in the health and well being of the women and children in the area. But the NGO needs your support to help more women survive childbirth. To help Sukarya, donate here to their fundraiser and be a part of the effort to reduce preventable maternal deaths.

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Homelessness is a problem that affects millions of Indians. Being forced to live on the streets subjects homeless people to multiple dangers, and women are even more vulnerable. Seneh is a home for destitute women who have been rescued from the streets of Assam and given safe shelter, nutritious food, individualized medical care, counseling, recreation and the chance to recover from the trauma of being abandoned and homeless. Founded by a former Indian Air Force Group Captain, the NGO currently cares for 28 destitute women who have been rescued from terrible conditions such as physical abuse, abandonment and discrimination because they are widows. In this condition, their health deteriorates, they are exposed to the dangers of the streets and their mental and emotional health crumbles. When you donate here to Seneh’s fundraiser, you can ensure that Group Captain AC Barua has enough funds to continue caring for these women and can rescue many more in desperate need.

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Blind Welfare Society

There are an estimated 8 to 18 million people in India who suffer blindness. Their condition forces them to go through life dealing with discrimination, a lack of opportunities and a reduced quality of life. For 40 girls who lost their eyesight, life was bleak. Many of the girls, who were born blind, suffered harassment, physical assault, rape and even being sold by their own families. It seemed as if the future held no prospects, until the Blind Welfare Society stepped in to help them. The shelter, healthy meals and educational support the girls started to receive from the NGO turned their lives around. Equipped with all they need to survive and thrive, the young women who are supported by the NGO are now studying, eating well, are safe and making plans for their futures. To support Blind Welfare Society, donate here to ensure that this condition they were born with does not stop them from living and dreaming for the future.

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Since most women in the red light districts have been trafficked and forced into prostitution, there is no knowing exactly how many are victims of this crime. What’s worse is that the children of these kidnapped women are also forced to remain in brothels at GB Road where they are sexually violated by men of all ages and have no hope of escape. But Kat-Katha is an NGO based in New Delhi that gives these women a way out by offering a home called Dream Village where they are trained in skills such as tailoring, cooking and more. Once they have learned these skills, they can find safe employment that does not harm them or their children. But just as importantly, Kat-Katha helps women overcome their past trauma and start a new life without shame, misery or the fear of rejection. “Every woman who escapes from forced prostitution saves her entire generation”, shares the founder. You can donate here to Kat-Katha’s fundraiser to help the NGO rescue and rehabilitate more women.

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Mauli Seva Pratishthan

This NGO is run by a couple who rescue abandoned women with mental disabilities. Left on the streets, these women are abused, exploited and left to die with no one to help them. Both doctors, the founders of this NGO came across a woman 25 years ago who was sitting on the roadside and eating from a garbage dump. Disturbed by this, they started cooking and serving fresh food to homeless women on the streets of Ahmednagar in Maharashtra. But without a place to live, these women were still being harmed. The founders soon built a home where 400 rescued women now live in safety and receive nutritious meals and medical care, including a fully-functional ICU. But the NGO needs your support to continue to afford to keep the home open for these women. You can support Mauli Seva Pratishthan and donate here to make sure these 400 rescued women will always have a safe and loving home.  

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It is imperative to solve the problems that plague girls and women if we want to create safe neighborhoods and nations for every person to live in. World Population Day provides us with an opportunity to step forward and support NGOs that work to save the lives of girls and women and in so doing, improve communities.

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