According to the latest UNAIDS report of 2022, India has seen considerable reductions in HIV/AIDS infections compared to the rising trend in Asia and the Pacific. While the international campaign against HIV/AIDS faced a drastic slowdown amidst COVID-19 and other global crises in the last two years, India is one of two countries to have seen some of the most significant reductions in HIV infections. In stark contrast, globally, the number of new infections dropped only 3.6 per cent between 2020 and 2021 – the smallest annual decline in new HIV infections since 2016. As per the 2022 UNAIDS report, India – which is one of 30 tuberculosis-HIV high-burden nations – is among the eight countries which also saw a decline in tuberculosis-related deaths among people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). On the flip side, the report said that India saw an 8 per cent decline in providing TB-preventive treatment to PLWHA in 2019 and 2020.

Addressing social inequalities

Every year, the United Nations marks December 1 as World AIDS Day to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS. The theme for this year is “Equalize”, and is a call to action for global leaders and citizens to address the inequalities which hold back the progress in eradicating AIDS, and equalize access to essential HIV services particularly for children and key populations and their partners – sex workers, men who have sex with men (MSM), people who inject drugs (PWID), transgender people, migrant workers, truck drivers and prisoners. Given the social stigma shrouding this disease, people refrain from accessing necessary, and often, lifesaving treatment. With the United Nations-steered focus on eliminating AIDS by 2030, NGOs the world over have been committed to ensuring that people living with HIV/AIDS are not ostracised lest they suffer from economic, social, cultural and legal inequalities.

Here are some NGOs associated with Give – India’s best crowdfunding platform, that have been doing outstanding work in supporting PLWHA with necessary medical attention and the means to lead a normal life.


One of the leading organisations in India focussed on HIV/AIDS, it supports women, children and LGBTQ+ communities affected by HIV/AIDS with housing, food, clothes, medication, education and extra-curricular facilities. 

At its ‘Home of Love’ the NGO provides HIV+ orphans and semi-orphans (mostly, children of sex workers) the environment and resources to grow up in a regular household and develop into well-rounded individuals despite being born into highly stigmatized circumstances. Support Snehalaya’s program to give HIV+ children the childhood they have been deprived of and so deserve.

Naz Foundation (India) Trust

The NGO takes care of abandoned children with HIV and AIDS. At its Naz Care Home, a dedicated team of care workers ensure that the kids eat properly, and get an excellent education and vocational training to start working.

In-house doctors and nurses conduct medical tests and provide round-the-clock treatment to the children. Abandoned or orphaned, the children at Naz are double orphans. Donating to the Naz Foundation (India) Trust will ensure a better life for these kids at the Naz Care Home braving HIV/AIDS.

Swadhar IDWC (Institute for Development of Women and Children)

The NGO rehabilitates HIV+ children and children with HIV+ parents through its programme ‘Rays of Hope’. Launched in 2005, this project provides children with requisite monthly nutrition (by including eggs, milk powder, dates, etc. in their diet), and medical, educational and emotional support.

Regular house visits are conducted to check up on the children and to deliver groceries and other nutritional supplements to them. Supporting Swadhar’s ‘Rays of Hope’ project will help kids with HIV/AIDS access nutritious food, and provide them with the strength to battle the odds.

Freedom Foundation

This nonprofit offers a care centre and home for orphan children with HIV and AIDS. Following a group foster care model for holistic care and protection, the programme strives to provide children at the care centre with the best education, special medical care and support.

Counsellors, coordinators and other team members all work in unison to ensure that the kids are enrolled in an English-medium curriculum. They also learn yoga and computer skills, to improve their overall development. Join Freedom Foundation’s efforts to offer a life of dignity and hope to children with HIV/AIDS. 

India HIV/AIDS Alliance

This NGO strengthens vulnerable HIV+ communities by building capacity and providing them with advocacy and other relevant support.

Also called Alliance India, the NGO educates people living with HIV/AIDS about required treatments, ensures that they have access to care, and improves their well-being through building vocational skills, provides income generation opportunities, and sets up linkages between affected communities and social welfare schemes. By donating, you can help Alliance India improve the lives of more people living with HIV/AIDS.

Turning Point Foundation

It is one of the leading organisations when it comes to providing psychological and family counselling and psychiatric supervision for HIV+ patients.

It has set up Information, Education and Counselling (IEC) camps to increase awareness about HIV/AIDS. The Foundation also leverages the concepts of naturopathy and yoga through their programme, to help ease the side effects of AIDS. Donate generously to help Turning Point Foundation spread awareness on the dangers of drugs and HIV/AIDS to more people.

Grace Peter Charitable Trust (GPCT)

Based out of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, the NGO offers people battling with HIV/AIDS the much-needed nutritional support to withstand the intense medical treatment and recover smoothly. Madurai has two Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) centres and most underprivileged HIV+ children come to these hospitals for treatment.

GPCT workers identify these children and enrol them in the nutrition program. Once enrolled, these children can come to collect the nutritional packages from the office. Contribute to GPCT and help children affected with HIV access appropriate nutrition for a swift and smooth recovery.

Priyadarshini Seva Mandal (PSM)

The nonprofit runs a program to help people with HIV/AIDS receive the required medication. as prescribed by government hospitals and supports them through recovery.

PSM’s outreach workers identify children who need support from the government hospitals where they come for their CD4 test every month. As a part of this program, PSM provides them with nutritious food, and even refunds travel expenses incurred in commuting to and from the organisation. Support PSM’s program to ensure people battling HIV/AIDS have better access to medical help.

Neptune Foundation

Focusing its energies on underprivileged HIV+ patients, it provides adequate nutrition support to help them cope with the deeply invasive and intense medical treatment. Neptune’s team members identify patients who come in for Antiretroviral therapy (ART) treatment to government hospitals.

This program aims to provide rations and protein supplements to HIV+ patients including pregnant women. It has now grown to a Nutritional Supplement Support Program for patients under ART Treatment. Donate to help people fighting HIV/AIDS receive adequate nutrition for better recovery.

Akhanda Seva for International Shanti (Operation Shanti)

The nonprofit works collaboratively with local HIV clinics that run paediatric HIV programs and enlists the poorest paediatric patients requiring help. Most children who arrive at these local HIV clinics have lost one or both parents and live with a relative. Care packages are given to these children and their guardians on a monthly basis.

The packages include nutritional and hygiene items for the children and necessary household consumables. With your generous support, this program will help more people braving HIV/AIDS receive lifesaving nutrition and care.

Established in 2000, Give is the largest and most trusted giving platform in India. Our community of 2.6M+ donors have supported 3,000+ nonprofits, impacting 15M+ lives across India.


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