10 of Give’s best tweets in 2020

Looking through our Twitter handle, we came across some gems

2020 was a year like no other. The pandemic created new difficulties and intensified existing ones, and was accompanied by plenty of other challenges too. However, the worst circumstances also seem to have a way of revealing mankind’s best qualities. We at Give saw record donations and an increased willingness to give this year, showing that the worst situations still provide ample opportunities for humanity to display its best traits. So, to reflect on and celebrate the achievements of the past year, here are 10 of Give’s best tweets in 2020. 

1. Best Tweets in 2020 – #Tweet

Original Tweet:  https://twitter.com/GiveIndia/status/1269514748338421761?s=20

In June, #IFORINDIA raised ₹52+ crore for Give’s India COVID Response Fund (ICRF).

#IFORINDIA virtually brought together the nation’s most renowned names in music and entertainment. Individuals, corporate donors, and philanthropists contributed generously, paying tribute to those who work on the frontlines and raising funds for those without work or home.

2. Best Tweets in 2020 – #Tweet2

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/GiveIndia/status/1268070138768576512?s=20 

Thanks to donors’ generosity, over ₹26 lakh was raised, helping migrant workers reach home during the peak of the pandemic.  

When the ordeals faced by migrant workers first came to our notice after the first lockdown, the most overwhelming emotion was helplessness. We lamented their conditions and wondered what we could do to improve their circumstances. As one of our top tweets shares, Give and the A.T.E Chandra Foundation fulfilled the need of the hour. We launched a fundraiser to bear the transport costs of migrant workers wanting to return home.

3. Best Tweets in 2020 – #Tweet3

Original Tweet:  https://twitter.com/GiveIndia/status/1339527235653443584?s=20

Throughout 2020, donors’ contributions supported 56 lakh citizens, providing humanitarian aid, cash relief and support to healthcare workers. 

In 2020, Give was able to raise over ₹220+ crore for its partner charities for the India COVID Response Fund (ICRF). Watch the video shared in this tweet to see the impact of donations through Give.

4. Best Tweets in 2020 – #Tweet4

Original Tweet:  https://twitter.com/GiveIndia/status/1315526027829895168

The survey’s most important finding was that Indians’ desire to give has increased significantly during the pandemic.

In October, Give published a survey tracking how individuals’ giving habits have changed in light of COVID-19. 85% of respondents conveyed a heightened desire to donate or give back. The data revealed several other preferences and trends as well – read about the key insights derived from the survey here.

5. Best Tweets in 2020 – #Tweet5

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/GiveIndia/status/1344219729087500288?s=20

By December 2020, Give #NoChildHomeless campaign had succeeded in providing shelter, food, and education to 1,700+ homeless children through donors’ extremely generous contributions.

As one of our good tweets shares, this campaign yielded remarkable results. However, 189 children still seek sponsors. By donating just ₹750 each month, you can ensure that a vulnerable child will be provided three nutritious meals a day, will be given a home and will be sent to school. Give a child the gifts of shelter, food, and education today!

6. Best Tweets in 2020 – #Tweet6

Original Tweet:  https://twitter.com/GiveIndia/status/1341703607335280643?s=20

By partnering with Give, your company can utilize its corporate social responsibility fund to maximize impact.

As mentioned in one of our good tweets, Nykaa’s gift of bras to young women through Snehalaya is a perfect example of Give’s corporate partnerships. You too can support programs that align with your organization’s values, just like Nykaa did. Write to us today to ensure the safety and impact of your organization’s CSR.

7. Best Tweets in 2020 – #Tweet7

Original Tweet:  https://twitter.com/GiveIndia/status/1285579361043664897?s=20

By taking swift action, Give was able to raise over ₹6 lakh and offer immediate relief to those who were worst affected by the combined devastation of the floods and the pandemic. 

When natural calamities destroyed Assam last summer, lakhs were in grave danger. Essential items like rations, water tablets, and tarpaulin were provided to those in need by Give’s trusted NGO partners working in Assam. Although the worst has already passed, rebuilding efforts are still underway. Donate today to help members of marginalized communities rebuild their lives.

8. Best Tweets in 2020 – #Tweet8

Original Tweet:  https://twitter.com/GiveIndia/status/1260871872155017216?s=20

Throughout the past year, Give’s partner NGOs have been recipients of donations through Fankind, as shared here. 

Fankind’s contributions have provided ration kits to labourers adversely affected by the coronavirus crisis, educated children from marginalized communities in Madhya Pradesh, and educated underprivileged girls, among so much more.

9. Best Tweets in 2020 – #Tweet9

Original Tweet:  https://twitter.com/GiveIndia/status/1323531980240154624?s=20 

In April 2020, 2.9 million children in India missed their first dose of the measles vaccine due to the lockdown. 

Like measles, many other deadly illnesses can infect, maim, and even kill children, that are easily preventable with timely immunisations. Underprivileged children in India are in danger of contracting such lethal diseases because the pandemic has disrupted their immunisation schedules. By donating just ₹1,000, you can provide a child with a yearly cycle of prescribed vaccines. Donate now to help CRY achieve its goal of immunising more than 40,000 children in the next few months.

 10. Best Tweets in 2020 – #Tweet10

Original Tweet:  https://twitter.com/GiveIndia/status/1321814473519243264?s=20 

Uplift 29,303 rural families with livelihood support, education, and an annual income increase of ₹89,000 per household.

India’s farmers keep the nation up and running, from cultivating our daily meals to constituting a major chunk of our economy. However, our farmers’ circumstances are far from normal, with many struggling to provide necessities for themselves and their families as mentioned in this tweet. Through Give, support Swades Foundation’s expansive plan to widen farmers’ earning capacity. Your donation will help 29,303 households in rural India become self-reliant by increasing household income, enabling livelihood opportunities, and providing scholarships. Read more about the program and donate today!

Reflecting on the best of Twitter for Give during 2020 fills us with hope and optimism about 2021. Although the pandemic will slowly fade away, the spirit of giving initiated by its effects will certainly help Give’s partners resolve numerous related issues. We look forward to your continued generosity in 2021!

Happy Giving in the New Year!


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