5 NGOs in Assam working for the poor

POVERTY in Assam remains a significant socio-economic challenge, impacting a substantial portion of its population. Despite efforts by the government and NGOs in Assam, poverty continues to persist, particularly in rural areas. The state’s geographical location, frequent floods and limited access to essential services have exacerbated the problem. Agriculture is the primary livelihood for many in Assam, but outdated farming practices and a lack of modern infrastructure hamper agricultural productivity and income generation. This contributes to the cycle of poverty, as families struggle to meet their basic needs.

Moreover, Assam has a high unemployment rate, particularly among the youth, further exacerbating poverty. The lack of industries and suitable job opportunities in the region forces many to migrate to other states in search of employment. Access to education and healthcare is also limited, particularly in remote regions. Illiteracy and inadequate healthcare services perpetuate poverty, as people are unable to acquire the skills needed to improve their livelihoods and suffer from preventable diseases.

Learn about these 5 NGOs in Assam making a difference in people’s lives!

Bhavada Devi Memorial Philanthropic Trust (SENEH)

SENEH is one of the NGOs in Assam that extends its compassionate care to abandoned and destitute elderly people in the region. Founded with the ethos of love and respect for senior citizens, SENEH has been providing a safe haven for the elderly who have been abandoned or left without proper care. The NGO operates dedicated elderly care facilities that offer a nurturing and supportive environment for the elderly residents. Trained and compassionate staff members cater to the physical, emotional, and medical needs of the seniors, ensuring they live their twilight years with dignity and comfort.

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A group of elderly women in India dancing and enjoying themselves

SENEH strives to create a sense of belonging and community among the elderly residents. Regular activities, social gatherings and recreational programs are organized to foster companionship and alleviate feelings of loneliness or isolation. Furthermore, SENEH endeavors to reconnect the elderly with their families whenever possible, facilitating reunions and encouraging family members to take an active interest in the well-being of their elderly loved ones. In addition to providing shelter and care, SENEH is one of the NGOs in Assam that offers medical assistance, including regular health check-ups and access to healthcare services. Nutritious meals, proper hygiene facilities and comfortable accommodation are provided to ensure the elderly’s overall well-being.

Foundation For Social Transformation

Foundation For Social Transformation is one of the well-known NGOs in Assam operating in the state. Foundation For Social Transformation is committed to catalyzing social change and transforming the lives of marginalized and vulnerable communities in the region. Through their various initiatives, they address critical issues such as poverty alleviation, education, healthcare, women’s empowerment and sustainable livelihoods.

Foundation For Social Transformation adopts a participatory approach, actively involving local communities in the planning and implementation of their projects. By doing so, they ensure that the solutions they offer are contextually relevant and have a lasting impact. One of the organization’s notable efforts includes empowering women through skill development programs, entrepreneurship training and creating opportunities for income generation. It is also one of the NGOs in Assam that works to strengthen community institutions, promoting social cohesion and fostering sustainable development. Furthermore, Foundation For Social Transformation plays a vital role in advocating for the rights of marginalized groups, enabling them to access essential services and participate in decision-making processes. With its dedication to social transformation and inclusive development, the NGO continues to be a valuable catalyst for positive change in Assam, uplifting the lives of countless individuals and communities.

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Rural Women Upliftment Association of Assam

Rural Women Upliftment Association of Assam (RWUAA) is one of the NGOs in Assam that that focuses on empowering rural women and promoting their holistic development. Established with a vision to uplift and support women in rural areas, RWUAA has been actively working towards enhancing their socio-economic status and fostering gender equality. One of the primary objectives of RWUAA is to provide skill development and vocational training to women in rural communities. By imparting practical skills, the organization equips women with the tools they need to become economically independent and contribute to their families’ well-being. RWUAA also emphasizes education for girls and women. The NGO strives to improve access to quality education in rural areas and encourages girls to pursue their studies, breaking down barriers and stereotypes that hinder their educational prospects.

Moreover, RWUAA advocates for women’s rights and raises awareness about gender-based issues. Through various campaigns and workshops, the organization aims to create a more inclusive and gender-sensitive society. Additionally, the NGO extends support to women entrepreneurs, helping them establish and sustain their businesses through training, access to microfinance and mentorship programs. Through its multifaceted approach, the Rural Women Upliftment Association of Assam is one of the NGOs in Assam that has become an empowering force, fostering positive change in the lives of rural women and contributing to the overall development of communities in Assam.

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Ayang Trust

Ayang Trust is one of the NGOs in Assam that is dedicated to uplifting marginalized communities and providing access to education and better opportunities. At the heart of their initiatives lies the Hummingbird School, an educational institution that plays a pivotal role in transforming the lives of children in the region. The Hummingbird School, established by Ayang Trust, aims to bridge the educational gap for underprivileged children, especially those from remote and disadvantaged backgrounds. The school follows a child-centric approach, offering a nurturing environment where students are encouraged to explore their potential and pursue their passions.

With a focus on holistic development, the Hummingbird School not only imparts formal education but also emphasizes extracurricular activities, sports and arts to foster creativity and overall growth. Ayang Trust is one of the NGOs in Assam that recognizes the importance of empowering the communities they serve. As such, they actively involve parents and local stakeholders in the school’s activities, ensuring a collaborative approach to education. In addition to education, the NGO also engages in various community development projects, including healthcare initiatives, skill development programs, and women’s empowerment activities. Through their unwavering commitment to education and community empowerment, the Ayang Trust and its Hummingbird School have become beacons of hope, positively impacting the lives of many in Assam and helping to create a brighter future for the region’s youth.

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Rashtriya Gramin Vikas Nidhi

Founded in 1990, Rashtriya Gramin Vikas Nidhi was established in Guwahati in Assam as a national level multi-state development and support organization focusing its work in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura, Sikkim and Odisha. This is one of the NGOs in Assam that focuses on livelihood enhancement programs, self help groups and other development projects to alleviate poverty in these areas. Later on, the NGO’s services were also expanded to include Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh.

Rashtriya Gramin Vikas Nidhi helps poor and vulnerable communities, mainly in rural areas of the country, to come out of poverty by providing livelihood opportunities. The NGO believes in community engagement and relying on the tried and tested practices of communities but upgrades these practices through scientific and technological innovations. Rashtriya Gramin Vikas Nidhi is one of the NGOs in Assam that recognizes the importance of women in driving this change. Often on the sidelines and marginalized, women are a strong focus of this NGO’s mission to lift communities out of poverty. In addition, the methods of the NGO are also sustainable and great care and concern is given to the future of livelihood practices and the environment.  

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Addressing poverty in Assam requires a multi-faceted approach, including sustainable agricultural practices, skill development programs, infrastructure development, and targeted social welfare initiatives. These 5 NGOs in Assam empower the local communities through education, healthcare and livelihood opportunities can create a positive impact in breaking the chains of poverty in Assam.

The featured NGOs excel in their respective domains and are not ranked here in any specific order or merit. Absence from the list does not diminish the remarkable efforts of other NGOs.

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