Was SVP India Fast Pitch your first experience of this kind? What was the fundraising outcome?

Sanghamitra Bose: Yes, when it comes to virtual and live fundraising, SVP India Fast Pitch was the first such event. Sshrishti Trust successfully generated the funds for its laid down causes and then the funds were utilized for the causes it was sought. Can you provide a brief overview of the issue you addressed at the SVP India Fast Pitch last year?

SB: At Sshrishti Trust, like every small to mid-sized organization; we had a problem dealing with the recruitment of professional and effective staff. Being a not-for-profit organization, funds remain always scarce hence it is difficult to hire professional experts who know their job and if hired, a subsequent problem is to retain them. We spoke about this organizational challenge.

young students How did SVP India Fast Pitch and funds help your organisation?

SB: SVP Fast Pitch helped in multiple ways:

  1. Raised awareness around Sshrishti Trust’s mission with other non-profit organizations and stakeholders 
  2. Mentoring by industry experts which was unprecedented in order to create the final pitch presentation 
  3. Funds generation was accomplished as well as good networking to understand peer non-profit organizations and their work

With the funds raised during SVP India Fast Pitch, we hired an academic manager and a communications manager, as well as concluded one Monitoring & Evaluation activity for a crucial project. The academic manager is now helping to streamline Sshrishti Trust’s education as per the DoE, which has upgraded our processes and final offerings during the last one year. The other critical step was to hire the Communications Manager who is responsible for disseminating Sshrishti Trust’s mission to all stakeholders. 

children in a school performance Do you believe events like SVP India Fast Pitch provide NGOs with a platform to directly engage with the donors and raise awareness about pressing issues?

SB: SVP Fast Pitch connects the donor and the seeker in real-time whereby there is a presentation around the NGO’s problem statement, its solution, the methodology and sharing our asks and requirements to philanthropists and donors in real time. Would you recommend events like SVP India Fast Pitch to other NGOs seeking to showcase their innovative solutions to India’s challenges? 

SB: SVP Fast Pitch is an extremely well-designed platform which enables the exchange of ideas, awareness about new trends in circulation, networking as well as fund generation in a real and short period for all participating organizations. Sshrishti Trust will certainly recommend this platform to upcoming organisations.  

How you can be part of this year’s SVP India Fast Pitch event

Fast Pitch 2024 will showcase the stories of 12 NGO leaders focused on education, skill-building, disability, women’s empowerment, prison reform and hunger relief. They will pitch their journey to a virtual audience to raise awareness and unrestricted funds. Register here to join from anywhere in the country.

The online event starts at 5.30 pm on Thursday, 25 April 2024. 

Register Here

About Sanghamitra Bose of SShrishti Trust

Sanghamitra Bose is the Founder and CEO of SShrishti Trust India, an NGO with a vision to create a literate and empowered India. She possesses a Master’s degree in English. Along with being commended The India Ahead’s Education Ahead Award for “Excellence in the field of Education in 2019”. She has also worked as a freelance writer and has had a plethora of articles published in reputed magazines and papers. She has been a TEDX Speaker twice and she is a well-known figure in the not-for-profit industry.

Sanghamitra Bose
Sanghamitra Bose the Founder and CEO of Sshrishti Trust | Image: The Hindu


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