A cry for compassion: Shiv Prasad’s compassionate NGO for elderly in India

IN a world that often seems to be moving at an ever-accelerating pace, there exists a silent crisis that goes unnoticed by many – the abandonment of parents by their own children when they get old. Shiv Prasad Sharma is the compassionate founder of an NGO for elderly in India called Ram Lal Old Age Home. He has been working tirelessly to provide shelter and care to over 350 abandoned parents who have been abandoned by their own flesh and blood and left on the streets. This blog delves into the heart-wrenching stories that prompted Shiv Prasad to embark on this noble mission, the challenges he faces and the urgent need for financial support to sustain his shelter home of this NGO for elderly in India.

The shocking reality

Shiv Prasad and his NGO for elderly in India opens a window into the grim reality faced by countless elderly parents through the harrowing tale of an elderly mother with four successful sons. In this particular case, despite having thriving factories and luxurious mansions in Delhi, all four sons callously refused to provide shelter to their own mother. This heart-rending incident epitomizes the disturbing trend where children, despite achieving success and prosperity with their parents’ help, neglect their duty to care for them. Shiv Prasad and the NGO for elderly in India asks the question, “what is the fault of these parents?” as he endeavors to shed light on the often-overlooked plight of abandoned parents.

The genesis of the NGO for elderly in India

The impetus for Shiv Prasad’s mission can be traced back to a poignant encounter with an elderly father sitting on a railway platform, his tears a testament to the pain of rejection by his own sons. This gut-wrenching incident served as a catalyst for Shiv Prasad and his father to take immediate action through their NGO for elderly in India. Despite working in a stable government job, Shiv Prasad heeded his father’s call to resign and channel his efforts toward establishing a sanctuary for abandoned elderly parents. Thus, Ram Lal Old Age Home was born. To support Shiv Prasad in his noble endeavor, you can donate here

Investing every Rupee he had, Shiv Prasad built Ram Lal Old Age Home as an NGO for elderly in India, and was named after his father. The home became a haven for neglected and abused senior citizens who found themselves abandoned by the very people they had raised and nurtured. Shiv Prasad’s sacrifice and dedication turned a personal tragedy into a noble cause, creating a familial atmosphere at the NGO for elderly in India where residents receive the care and love denied to them by their own kin.

Challenges faced by Ram Lal Old Age Home

The journey of Ram Lal Old Age Home has been one of compassion, but it is not without its challenges. Shiv Prasad reveals that he has exhausted all his personal resources to ensure a roof over the heads of the elderly residents. The NGO for elderly in India faces a constant struggle to meet the basic needs of its residents, including medication, food and clothing. As the number of abandoned elderly seeking refuge continues to rise, the financial burden becomes increasingly difficult to bear.

The plea from Shiv Prasad is heartfelt: “I don’t have the heart to send back an elderly mother.” The home stands as a testament to compassion, but its future hangs in the balance due to a critical shortage of funds. With each passing day, more elderly individuals arrive, seeking the warmth and security that the NGO for elderly in India provides.

The urgent need for support

Shiv Prasad’s commitment to the cause is evident as he implores, “I request each one, with folded hands, to come forward and donate as much as they can so we can together give these seniors a loving home.” The urgent need for financial support for the NGO for elderly in India is not just a call for charity but a plea for humanity. The funds raised will be instrumental in securing the well-being of those who have been cast aside by their own families.

Every contribution, no matter how small, has the power to make a difference in the lives of these abandoned parents. The NGO for elderly in India represents hope and the generosity of individuals can ensure its continued existence as a sanctuary for the elderly. It is an opportunity for society to come together and rectify the societal lapse of abandoning those who once provided love, guidance, and support.

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Shiv Prasad’s journey from having a stable government job to the founder of the NGO for elderly in India called Ram Lal Old Age Home is a testament to the power of compassion and the dire need to address the crisis of abandoned parents in our society. The stories of elderly individuals left to fend for themselves evoke a sense of collective responsibility that goes beyond familial ties.

As we confront the stark reality that many elderly individuals face today, Shiv Prasad’s plea for support resonates with urgency. The NGO for elderly in India is not merely a shelter; it is a symbol of empathy and care in a world that often forgets the sacrifices made by previous generations. By extending a helping hand, we can collectively ensure that abandoned parents find solace, love and dignity in the autumn of their lives. To support Shiv Prasad in his noble endeavor, you can donate here.

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