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SENEH: an ex-Air Force Captain’s NGO for senior citizens abandoned on the streets

IN the northeastern region of India nestled in the serene landscapes of Assam, Group Captain A.C. Barua has dedicated his life to an extraordinary mission – rescuing abandoned and abused elderly women and providing them with a home brimming with love and hope. This mission is embodied by an NGO for senior citizens called Bhavada Devi Memorial Philanthropic Trust, SENEH, a sanctuary that serves as a haven for those who have been victims of domestic abuse, abandonment and societal superstitions. This blog delves into the remarkable efforts of Group Captain Barua and the pressing need for support to sustain this compassionate NGO for senior citizens.

The mission of SENEH

Group Captain Barua, affectionately known by the residents of SENEH as Sir and Deuta, which means father in Assamese, has made it his life’s purpose to rescue women who have been cast aside by society through his NGO for senior citizens. These women often bear the scars of mental health conditions, have endured domestic abuse or have been labeled as witches due to prevailing superstitious beliefs, leading to unimaginable physical violence. Group Captain Barua intervenes, providing them with immediate medical care, nutritious meals and a secure shelter imbued with care and compassion.

 The plight of abandoned elderly women

The stories of the residents at SENEH are heartbreaking sagas of neglect and abuse. Many women who were rescued by the NGO for senior citizens have faced physical violence and societal rejection, ultimately finding themselves abandoned on the streets in dire circumstances. Group Captain Barua is inundated with daily calls pleading for assistance in rescuing abandoned women facing the harsh realities of homelessness. Despite his distinguished 30 years of service in the Indian Air Force, fulfilling this mission is an uphill battle without significant financial support. To support SENEH, you can donate here.

The compassionate efforts of SENEH

The NGO for senior citizens, through its SENEH initiative, currently houses more than 28 destitute women, each carrying a unique story of resilience and survival. Over the years, the NGO for senior citizens has gone above and beyond to ensure these women receive the medical attention they so desperately require. This includes cataract operations, provision of dentures, hearing aids and psychiatric medication for those battling mental health issues. The level of care and support provided by SENEH reflects a profound and compassionate effort to uplift those who have faced life’s most challenging circumstances.

Financial struggles and the urgent fundraising campaign

At 80 years old, Group Captain Barua spends approximately ₹3 lakh a month on running SENEH. Despite his personal contributions, the financial requirements to run the NGO for senior citizens are mounting daily and sustaining this initiative has become an increasingly daunting task. Recognizing the urgent need for financial support, a comprehensive fundraising campaign has been initiated. The call for assistance is urgent, as the lives of abandoned elderly women hang in the balance.

Sarala Kalita’s story

The impact made by the NGO for senior citizens is poignantly exemplified through the story of Sarala Kalita, one of SENEH’s residents. Escaping from an abusive husband and facing neglect from her extended family, Sarala’s father reached out to SENEH for help. Group Captain Barua, displaying his characteristic compassion, took her under his wing, providing her with a safe haven and a second chance at life. Sarala, now finding joy in her newfound home at the NGO for senior citizens, has been given a harmonium to pursue her passion for singing. This small act of kindness has not only transformed Sarala’s life but serves as a testament to the profound impact SENEH can have on those who have endured unimaginable hardships.

The call to action

Bhavada Devi Memorial Philanthropic Trust’s SENEH stands as NGO for senior citizens who have been abandoned and have nowhere else to turn. Group Captain Barua’s unwavering dedication and compassion have rescued countless lives, but sustaining this mission demands collective support. As the NGO for senior citizens seeks to secure the future of SENEH, each act of kindness becomes a lifeline for those who would otherwise be left to struggle on the unforgiving streets.

The fundraiser by this NGO for senior citizens is a heartfelt appeal for humanity to come together and make a meaningful difference in the lives of these forgotten women, providing them with the care, dignity and second chance they undeniably deserve. It’s a call to action to rally behind SENEH, ensuring it continues to be a sanctuary for those society has abandoned, offering hope in the face of despair. To support SENEH, you can donate here.

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