NOT since the Second World War has the global population faced an emergency on the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are all at war with a new virus, a common enemy which has already killed more than 13,000 people – and the toll is rising rapidly. Governments, scientists, health workers, pharmaceutical companies and everyone in public health are all working overtime to understand the illness and combat it in the most efficient way possible.

But there is another toll on human life that is looming large. As countries shut borders, impose lockdowns and governments order everyday businesses like malls, restaurants, bars, cinema halls, etc, to remain closed while trying to contain Coronavirus on a war footing, people are being laid off from work and losing jobs.

In India, though we have been fortunate with a low number of cases considering the size of our population, it is expected to change dramatically in the next few weeks. And for this reason, the Prime Minister has made an appeal to each one of us to practice social distancing and be mindful of how our behaviour might endanger others.

We at Give are deeply concerned about the plight of the underprivileged and have been listening to all our partner nonprofits working in the frontline, trying to respond to the needs of disadvantaged communities at this unprecedented time. We have identified two immediate and urgent requirements to help mitigate the crisis.

One is to try and protect the poor from COVID-19. Large swathes of the population have little access or the means to afford the recommended hygiene essentials to keep safe from the virus and the government’s efforts to contain it. So we have launched Mission #IndiaAgainstCoronavirus today with the aim to provide protective sanitation kits to thousands of destitute families, abandoned elderlies, urban slum dwellers, poor cancer patients and others in need – and in danger. Besides these kits, our NGO partners working on the ground will also distribute basic rations such as rice and daal to save them from hunger.

Poor family without food

The second mission we are launching today is Mission Support Covid Hit Families specifically for daily wage earners who have lost their means of livelihood suddenly and without warning because of Coronavirus. There are an estimated 10+ crore in the unorganised sector in India – many in the construction, manufacturing and hospitality industries – who have no income security or benefits if their employer decides to lay them off. Their meagre earnings come to a crashing halt and thousands face starvation.

This mission aims to provide a safety net for such vulnerable families by directly giving them cash amounting to a minimum wage. This will help put food on the plates of their children and other dependents during this crisis while they scramble to find other employment if any. 

COVID-19 has presented us with an unimaginable disaster. While our government and medical staff combat the public health implications of this fast-spreading virus, we in Give appeal to you to think of those Indian citizens who can’t help themselves and donate generously to our missions. 

To make sure every rupee you give will benefit those most in need we will be bearing all payment gateway costs and passing on 100% of your donation to the beneficiaries.

Donate to Mission #IndiaAgainstCoronavirus 

Donate to Mission Support Covid Hit Families 

Thank you in advance for your generosity. Stay safe and keep well.


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