IMAGINE a space where social sector leaders can pitch their ideas to potential investors, just like on the popular TV show Shark Tank. Now, imagine that instead of pitching for profits, these entrepreneurs are pitching for a cause – a cause to make a difference in the lives of those in need. Welcome to Fast Pitch, by Social Venture Partners India (SVP India).

The “sharks” here, spread across the world, want to be part of the innovative programmes that will positively change the lives of people less fortunate.

Fast Pitch provides a platform for 12 phenomenal social sector leaders working in areas such as livelihood, disability, women’s empowerment, and waste management, to pitch their ideas to potential donors who can connect from anywhere in the world just by registering here.  The online event starts at 5.30 pm IST on Friday, 24 February 2023. 

The donors can show their support to any of the NGOs or to all through live donations on GIve, India’s largest crowdfunding platform for nonprofits.

Perfecting the pitch

Excitement is mounting as the event draws near, with only a week left. Twelve NGOs, in collaboration with Social Venture Partners India, have worked tirelessly to perfect their pitches. SVP India’s partners have been coaching the social sector leaders to share their five-minute pitches on 24 February. 

“Fast Pitch gives NGOs a wide-reaching platform to share the story of their organisation’s meaningful work – this inspired me to bring this event to India. Fast Pitch is a marquee event for us at SVP as it aspires to equally engage individuals as donors, who are so thrilled to hear diverse nonprofit stories in a curated manner. This has created traction for the event and made it so successful,” says Govind Iyer, All India Chairperson, SVP India.

The build-up to Fast Pitch is spread over months when NGOs from across the country present their ideas to SVP India. The panel at SVP India evaluates the ideas based on their potential for impact, scalability, sustainability, and overall feasibility. The 12 selected NGOs finally make it to Fast Pitch. Here a panel of judges select the winner who gets to win a cash prize. The winner and other social sector leaders will also attract donors to their programmes and win instant online donations.  

Bigger and better

In 2022, over 700 people tuned in to the live broadcast of Fast Pitch, captivated by the stories of these inspiring organisations. The 12 participating social sector leaders raised an impressive ₹5.1 crore through the event proving that Fast Pitch is truly a game-changer for these organisations.

With the help of SVP India partners as coaches, the social sector leaders have been working hard to perfect their pitches, ready to share their five-minute stories live with the world on Friday.

The Fast Pitching NGOs

Here we take a look at the NGOs that have been selected after a rigorous process and their leaders will be pitching their ideas:

Barefoot Edu Foundation aims to improve the quality of education for 1 million children in India by 2025. This is set to happen by building the leadership capacity of school principals, teachers, students, and the community to make education meaningful for the students. The foundation trains teachers to use innovative and child-centric teaching methods and provides support to schools in the form of infrastructure, technology, and resources.

Pinkishe Foundation is working to create a world where every girl and woman can access safe and dignified menstrual products. Pinkishe aims to break the menstrual taboo and empower girls and women to manage their menstrual health with dignity and respect. The foundation also spreads awareness about menstrual health and hygiene.

The Umoya Foundation targets children and individuals with and without disabilities from underprivileged backgrounds. The NGO, through Umoya Sports, provides life skills training, physical and mental wellness, and an inclusive culture for the beneficiaries. The foundation aims to equip children and individuals with teamwork, confidence, and critical thinking skills.

Centre for Aquatic Livelihood Jaljeevika is improving the livelihoods of fish farmers and micro-entrepreneurs in India. The organisation aims to reduce vulnerability, build resilience, and empower the community by strengthening aquatic-based livelihood opportunities. 

Uninhibited (Sukhibhava Foundation) promotes menstrual health equity by de-stigmatising menstrual health for marginalised adolescent girls and allies. They highlight that making menstrual hygiene products accessible and affordable is important, but comprehensive menstrual health education is equally crucial in promoting sexual reproductive health-seeking behaviour and rights. Sukhibhava advocates for eradicating menstrual stigma and promoting education as the essential steps to make menstruation a non-issue.

Deepshikha Samiti is a Delhi-based voluntary organisation that promotes socio-economic development at the grassroots level in urban and rural areas. The organisation works with marginalised and disadvantaged communities, promoting peace, nonviolence, justice, human rights, education, health, employment, HIV AIDS, and governance. Over the years, Deepshikha has partnered with various international organisations for numerous development projects within and outside Delhi.

Deepshikha works with women and their livelihood. You can donate for Deepshika on Give, India's largest crowdfunding platform

Since 2002, Bithari Disha has been working on a range of issues including climate change and eco-friendly livelihood, sustainable agriculture, waste management, tree-based livelihood, disaster management, water and sanitation, health, dignity for work, and education. Its goal is attaining gram swaraj, or village self-reliance, through the use of rights-based development. The organisation aims to motivate communities and raise awareness about the importance of participation in development initiatives.

Disability NGOs Alliance (DNA) represents the disability sector and Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) in Karnataka. It has been working since 2014 with over 200 member organisations and more than 35,000 PwDs with various disabilities. DNA works with the government to develop policies and implement programmes for PwDs. The organisation focuses on capacity building, health and education, livelihoods, and policy advocacy to make the working of the disability sector more robust, efficient, effective and sustainable.

South Kolkata Hamari Muskan is focused on empowering vulnerable adults and children living in marginalised areas. It works within two red light areas to provide care and well-being services for children, youth, women, elderly women, and men. It runs seven safe spaces offering psychosocial care and education services for children and youth, and also provides support for women transitioning out of prostitution. SKHM aims to combat commercial sexual exploitation through prevention and alternative livelihood programming. 

Sshrishti is a Delhi-based NGO that focuses on education, digital literacy, skill training, and women empowerment. The organisation envisions creating a literate and equitable society, empowering every child and woman to pursue their dreams. Sshrishti operates eight learning centres, reaching nearly 2,000 underprivileged children daily with quality education and nutrition. It has impacted the lives of over 11 lakh individuals from marginalised and disempowered communities in several states over almost two decades.

You can donate to Sshrishti on Give to help in its activities focused on children's education.

Training and Educational Centre for Hearing Impaired (TEACH) was founded in July 2016. It facilitates hearing impaired students to mainstream education through its in-house and in-school programmes, including basic computers, advanced maths, and general knowledge. TEACH aims to empower hearing impaired students with quality education and personal, professional, and social development, allowing them to lead independent lives. 

VigyanShaala believes everyone should have access to science to create a better world. Their mission is to bring education in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) to underserved communities, empowering the innovators of tomorrow today. They’re determined to create equality in STEM education and opportunities across India, inspiring the future Ramanujams and CV Ramans from any background. Building inclusive STEM communities can empower marginalised individuals to thrive in STEM careers and solve the world’s scientific challenges. From a volunteer movement in 2015, they’ve engaged 14,000+ students and trained researchers through 55+ workshops, growing into a not-for-profit organisation. VigyanShaala’s on a mission to bring new minds to the table and revolutionise the world of science.

Vigyanshala is the place where children learn to appreciate science and lives are changed.

The Fast Pitch event is structured as a competition, where NGOs present their ideas to a panel of judges who are experts in the field of social impact and fundraising. The judges evaluate the ideas based on their potential for impact, scalability, sustainability, and overall feasibility. The winner of the competition is awarded a cash prize to help them bring their idea to life, and all participants receive valuable feedback and exposure to potential donors.

Catch the 12 exceptional NGOs pitching their innovative ideas and win potential donors in the online event that will commence at 5:30 pm on Friday, 24 February 2023. Register here

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