PIGS, as a word, has negative connotations such as being synonymous with overeating, lazy laziness or uncleanness. But this is far from the truth when it comes to pigs. Research indicates that pigs are among the most intelligent animals on the planet, form social bonds and keep their surroundings clean. Because the animals are forced into unclean environments such as gutters and sewers, we associate them with dirtiness. But a pig’s natural habitat includes grasslands and forests, where they build nests and homes and live in groups similar to what we call families. Pigs are observed to maintain cleanliness in their homes and keep the places where they eat and clean themselves separate.

But the animals suffer horrific treatment just like other livestock that are raised for slaughter. These mammals are crammed into small iron cages where they are beaten, tortured, maimed and slaughtered in front of other pigs who spend their remaining moments of their lives in fear and terror until they too die in violent ways. Under extreme duress, the pigs chew on their iron cages until they start bleeding and drop dead due to horrific treatment. India Animal Foundation and People For Animals Uttarakhand are rescuing injured pigs from cruel treatment and giving them safe shelter, nutritious food, medical care and home to spend the rest of their lives. 

How pigs are tortured and abused in captivity

Sunayana Sibal from People For Animals Uttarakhand explains that “pigs in captivity are subjected to unimaginable cruelty and are thrown into confined spaces where they spend their entire lives. The animals’ teeth are cut off with nail cutters and hot bands are tied around their tails until they fall off their bodies. Often ignored by society, pigs face horrifying and illegal abuse. Even moments before they are slaughtered, they are fed the organs of other slaughtered pigs. Their entire lives are nothing but pain and suffering; their suffering is entirely unseen.” 

In the livestock industry, animals are frequently transported to and from places. While these animals are meant to be transported keeping their welfare in mind, the worst harm often happens to captive animals while being transported. Sunayana Sibal goes on to explain that “pigs are transported in large numbers by rail or road in stifling conditions. These creatures are crammed into vehicles and are not given water or food. The jaws of boars are locked with metal chains to restrain them and this process is carried out in such a horrifying manner that many of the pigs die by the time they reach the destination”.

a pig on a farm

How People For Animals rescues and shelters abused pigs

India Animal Foundation and People For Animals Uttarakhand are on a mission to rescue these abused pigs and bring them to a safe place where there is no fear or suffering. Once they are rescued, the NGO takes them to a safe shelter where the animals are fed regular and nutritious meals to build their strength after a lifetime of deprivation. Sunayana Sibal and the NGO team also ensures medical care is immediately available to the animals who still have gaping wounds as a result of the beatings endured in captivity. People For Animals Uttarakhand’s safe shelter for the pigs gives the animals enough space to create nests and homes as they do in their natural habitats. To support People For Animals Uttarakhand, you can donate here.

Raising awareness on the welfare of pigs

To make sure that its initiatives are sustainable and permanent, People For Animals does more than rescue pigs from farms and bring them to its safe shelters. The organization also engages in capacity building and advocacy initiatives to raise awareness on animal welfare, specifically on pigs. We may have rather negative preconceived notions about pigs due to our limited exposure to how the animal lives in their natural habitat. Furthermore, our incorporation of the word pig into our languages to indicate unpleasantness shapes our view of these intelligent creatures. In educating the public about the animals and how they suffer immense pain in piggeries, People For Animals Uttarakhand has been able to witness people’s concern for the welfare of pigs and how to help them.

a lady petting a pig

People For Animals needs your help to rescue more pigs

India Animal Foundation and People For Animals Uttarakhand need your support to rescue more pigs from farms where pain is inflicted on animals by people who do not even give their actions a second thought. On these farms, there is so much suffering and the cries and screams of pigs are unheard. But with support, Sunayana Sibal and People For Animals Uttarakhand can rescue more animals and make sure the rest of the pigs’ lives are spent in peace and happiness. In the NGO’s sanctuaries, these animals receive not only food and medical treatment, but love and affection. In Sunayana Sibal’s words: “I appeal to everyone to come forward and support these pigs so we can help more animals in need.” To support India Animal Foundation, you can:

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