Have you ever felt that you do not have enough to make a difference in someone’s life? Well, give it a thought again. If you can spare $1000 on your monthly groceries, you are fairly in a good enough position to support someone for years. Here are a few charities you can contribute to through Give within $10/month.

Support nutrition of poor girls like Deepika

$10/month charity can support nutrition of poor girls like Deepika

Millions of children in India go to school empty stomach. The reason is simple-their parents could not afford to feed them. An assured nutritious meal a day brings thousands of children to school. According to the recent report of Times of India, mid-day meals have boosted both the health and attendance of children in Odisha, especially girls. A few dollars a month donated for their mid-day meal is probably the best help you can do. 

ISKCON Food Relief Foundation (IFRF) provides children with the right nutrition to support their education through their Annamrita program.  Meals consist of nutritious items like khichdi (rice dal), prepared in centralized and hi-tech kitchens with the highest standards of hygiene and quality ingredients. Close to 1,200,000 meals are provided every day across 8 states. This may be the only good meal they eat in a day. It aims to provide 1.5 million meals daily by 2020. Your $10/month charity can provide nutritious meals to one more child.

Feed a grandparent like Ansabai

$10/month charity can feed a grandparent like Ansabai

India has the second-largest global population of senior citizens and most of them live a life of destitution. 71% of them belong to rural India and 50% of them are women and widowed. Often abandoned by their children who move to the cities to earn better, these senior citizens often have no one to take care of their basics like food.

Manavlok, a voluntary organization runs a community kitchen for the elderly. Its goal is to make sure that no elderly go to bed hungry. It is providing two meals a day to over 75 senior citizens in five villages of Ambajogai district, Maharashtra. Donate to make the last days of these senior citizens a little easier. Your $10/month charity can feed a poor senior citizen.

Help recover a child-like Reshma from cancer

$10/month charity can help recover a child-like Reshma from cancer

50,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year in India, Close to 80% of children afflicted with cancer come from underprivileged backgrounds and are malnourished at the time of diagnosis. Malnourished children are five times more likely to develop chemotherapy intolerance leading to refusal or abandonment of treatment. As a result, 8 out of 10 children lose the fight against cancer. 

Cuddles Foundation provides nutritional support to 35,000 poor children fighting cancer across India. They work with 22 government and charity cancer hospitals across 12 cities. The program includes a customized diet plan and nutritional supplements like protein powder and feeding tubes. Nutritionists are the backbone of this program, who plan a diet based on the child’s malnourishment level and his medical condition.  Your $10 charity can give such children a fair chance to fight cancer.

Help an abuse victim like Bhagyashree fight for justice

Every third woman In India suffers from sexual or physical violence at home. According to the survey in 2018, 27% of women have experienced physical violence since the age of 15. 

ActionAid provides support to victims of sexual and domestic abuse. The program also runs shelter homes that offer shelter to victims for a limited time. Counseling is provided in a friendly atmosphere where survivors are encouraged to talk openly about their condition. They are not forced to take immediate legal action and are encouraged to explore other options that may be available. Your $10/month charity can provide safe shelter and counseling to these women.

Sponsor education of a poor child like Dilkush

Quality education in India continues to be a distant dream for many, especially in rural areas. In India, on an initial enrolment of 100 students, only 70 finish school ( on an average).  While the number of students in the Elementary Education level is high (94), many drop out during the secondary level. 

Vatsalya Jaipur’s campus has 109 students. The majority of the students are day scholars who live about 50 km from Jaipur in a village called Achrol. There are 28 students who stay on campus. The school has permission to accept children till class eight, and they are trying to get government approval to extend that to Class 10. The entire campus is run through solar power and a solar cooker is used to cook food for the students. Your $10/month charity can educate a poor child.

We understand that when you donate through us you place your trust in us. Hence, we make sure that your donation reaches out to the people in need. We promise to keep your trust, because your trust is our legacy! If you have any questions about donating for Indian NGOs, comment below to talk to us or write to us at info@give.do

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