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How do NGOs in India help women suffering from sexual abuse?

NGOs in India play an important role in supporting women who are victims of sexual abuse. This support is in the form of approaches that address different aspects of their care. Initially, women’s organizations rush to provide urgent and immediate care such as medical attention, counselling and legal assistance. This is an important step since many victims of sexual abuse require step-by-step support in a process that is oftentimes not fair to sexual abuse survivors.

Beyond this, vocational training and employment opportunities empower survivors economically, while advocacy efforts push for policy reforms to address systemic issues. NGOs in India also conduct programs to raise awareness about women’s rights and strategies to prevent or deal with crimes of a sexual nature. By offering holistic support, NGOs in India contribute significantly to empowering and rehabilitating survivors of sexual abuse.

Here are 4 NGOs in India helping women who are survivors of sexual abuse:

Chaiim Foundation

Chaiim Foundation is one of the leading NGOs in India that is passionate about rehabilitating survivors of human trafficking. Led by Ramona D’Souza, this Mumbai-based organization offers women not just safe shelter but also opportunities for education and empowerment. Ramona vividly recounts the harrowing experiences of young girls sold into brothels, enduring unimaginable abuse and exploitation. Chaiim Foundation is one of the NGOs in India that steps in to provide these survivors with much-needed support including shelter, education and vocational training which enables them to rebuild their lives with dignity. 

Ramona emphasizes the transformative impact of their work, highlighting how many survivors have not only found renewed purpose but have also become self-sufficient individuals who contribute to their communities. However, the organization’s efforts are constrained by financial limitations. With the support of donors, Chaiim Foundation can expand its reach, offering a lifeline to more survivors and helping them break free from the cycle of exploitation. Ramona’s impassioned plea resonates, urging individuals to join hands in empowering women and supporting the crucial work of the Chaiim Foundation. To support Chaiim Foundation, you can donate here.


Founded in 2016, Kshamata is one of the most effective and impactful NGOs in India led by founder Bharathy Tahiliani. This women’s organization in Maharashtra stands as a lifeline for over 1,000 women ensnared in the web of human trafficking and forced prostitution. Beyond providing safe shelter, Kshamata emphasizes empowering female survivors with livelihood opportunities that enable them to reclaim their dignity and independence. Bharathy underscores the profound physical and psychological toll endured by survivors and emphasizes the crucial need for holistic support in their journey towards recovery. 

Recognizing the disparities faced by survivors of sexual abuse in terms of education and skills, Kshamata is one of the NGOs in India that offers comprehensive assistance including safety, counseling and skill-building initiatives. Bharathy’s personal conviction stems from a deep sense of empathy and a belief in the transformative power of education and empowerment. She passionately appeals to others to join in the mission of enabling survivors to lead lives of freedom and self-reliance. Through Bharathy’s leadership and unwavering dedication, Kshamata continues to be a beacon of hope for survivors, offering them a path towards healing, dignity, and a brighter future. To support Kshamata, you can donate here.


Guria is one of the most brave and daring anti trafficking NGOs in India that is committed to eradicating child sex trafficking, second-generation child sexual exploitation and the trafficking of women too. Guria works primarily in northern India and works with a vision to create a world free from these injustices. Guria is co-founded and led by Manju Singh who focuses on liberating women and children from the shackles of the red light districts and the criminal networks that exploit them. Centered on rescue operations and legal advocacy, Guria works tirelessly to support victims and advocate for policy reforms to combat child sexual exploitation.

Guria is one of the NGOs in India that has a holistic approach that extends beyond mere rescue. It includes rehabilitation, education and vocational training to empower survivors to break free from the cycle of exploitation. Despite facing significant challenges, including opposition from criminal elements and limited resources, Manju and the dedicated team at Guria remain steadfast in their mission to fight for justice and protect the rights of sexually exploited children and women. With continued support, Guria aims to rescue more children from the grips of child sex trafficking and provide them with the opportunity to pursue their dreams and build a brighter future. To support Guria, you can donate here.

Swadhar Institute for Development of Women, Children

Swadhar is one of the NGOs in India that is dedicated to breaking the cycle of child sexual exploitation and recognizes the plight of children born into this harsh reality. Born to sex workers, these children face a bleak future, devoid of basic necessities and robbed of a normal childhood. This is where Swadhar steps in to provide a lifeline for these vulnerable youngsters. Swadhar offers a secure environment where children have shelter, nutrition, healthcare, education and most importantly –  safety from traffickers. With a focus on preventing the second-generation labor of children, Swadhar endeavors to rescue children from the grips of sexual exploitation. 

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Sanjivani Hingne heads Swadhar and explains the NGO’s intervention which includes round-the-clock care and support to the most neglected children of sex workers. Through initiatives like providing nutritious meals, preschool education, e-learning centers, and childcare for infants, Swadhar creates safe havens where these children can thrive, learn, and feel loved. With your generous donations, Swadhar can continue to be one of the NGOs in India that continues its work to help children break free from the cycle of sexual abuse. To support Swadhar, you can donate here.

Inchara Foundation

Inchara Foundation is one of the NGOs in India that was born out of the founder’s anguish over the rampant prevalence of child sex abuse. Founded in 2008, this Mangalore-based NGO helps its young victims who are trapped in the horrific crime of sexual abuse, often occuring within families. Witnessing the devastating impact of child sexual abuse on innocent lives, Inchara Foundation took a bold stance and reached over 50,000 people as part of its sensitization campaigns and has provided safe shelter and education to over 150 girls who are child sex abuse survivors. 

Inchara Foundation is one of the most impactful NGOs in India and supports the girls in its care with shelter, trauma counselling, education, skills training and nurturing care to help victims heal, recover and thrive. However, limited resources threaten Inchara Foundation’s operations. With the support of compassionate donors, Inchara Foundation can expand its reach, rescue more victims and offer child sex abuse victims the chance at a brighter future free from the shackles of exploitation. Support to Inchara Foundation’s fundraiser can make a profound difference in the lives of these young survivors. To support Inchara Foundation, you can donate here.

Support these NGOs in India this Women’s Month

All month long, you can learn more about the NGOs in India that are working across the country to make a difference in the lives of women and girls who are suffering from sexual abuse and support them as they overcome their trauma and rebuild their lives. 


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