AN NGO for old age people in desperate need is Jeevan Anand Sanstha, an organization that takes abandoned and elderly people out of their place of despair and places them in comfort and safety. In a world that often rushes forward at a relentless pace, there exists a silent, forgotten population – the elderly, left to fend for themselves on the unforgiving streets of India’s bustling cities. These forgotten souls face unimaginable hardships, hunger and physical suffering, often abandoned by their own families. However, amidst this despair, hope emerges in the form of Sandip Parab and his dedicated NGO for old age people, Jeevan Anand Sanstha. Over the last decade, Sandip Parab and his team have made it their mission to rescue, protect and care for India’s elderly, despite facing their own financial challenges.

The plight of India’s homeless elderly

This NGO for old age people has an unwavering dedication to the elderly which is born out of a profound empathy for their plight. The founder paints a heart-wrenching picture of elderly individuals, some of whom hail from well-to-do backgrounds, reduced to living as beggars on the city streets. One can scarcely imagine the despair of elderly women abandoned by their own children, subjected to countless hardships and dangers while struggling to survive on the unforgiving streets. These seniors, often incapacitated and suffering from festering wounds, are left with no means of support.

It is within this harrowing backdrop that Sandip Parab, a man of deep compassion and unwavering determination, emerged as a guardian angel for the elderly in need. His tireless efforts through his NGO for old age homeless people have touched the lives of over 3,000 elderly individuals who have been rescued from the streets and given a new lease on life. To support Jeevan Anand Sanstha, you can donate here.

The genesis of Jeevan Anand Sanstha

The journey of Jeevan Anand Sanstha began with a profound moment in Sandip Parab’s life. He recalls, “When I was in my 20s, I found an elderly person lying unconscious near a railway station. I took him to my friend’s home, cleaned him, bathed him and began taking care of him. I later found out that he was the principal of a school. His son was a professor, but despite that, he had been lying on the road.” It was experiences like these that fueled Sandip’s determination to dedicate his life to caring for helpless seniors through the NGO for old age people, Jeevan Anand Sanstha.

Rescuing elders, one scooter ride at a time

One remarkable aspect of the mission of this NGO for old age persons is their  hands-on approach. Sandip has taken to rescuing abandoned elderly individuals on his two-wheeler, displaying the kind of personal commitment that has endeared him to countless hearts. The act of pulling someone from the fringes of society and offering them a lifeline speaks volumes about the character of Sandip and the work of his NGO for old age individuals.

The home for elderly: a sanctuary of hope

Jeevan Anand Sanstha is an NGO for old age people that operates a home for the elderly, providing a safe and nurturing environment for over 230 seniors who were once abandoned. These elderly residents are treated with the same love and care as Sandip would offer to his own parents. Sandip and his team at the NGO for old age persons handle everything from bathing and cleaning to feeding, ensuring that these seniors can live their remaining years in dignity.

Challenges and the call for support

While the work of this NGO for old age people is nothing short of extraordinary, it is not without its challenges. One of the most pressing issues that Sandip faces is the need for nutrition and medical care for the increasing number of elderly residents under his care. Speaking of his beloved “family” of seniors, he says, “I need support in getting rations and medicines for this family of mine.”

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In a world that often prioritizes youth and vigor, the elderly are often relegated to the shadows of society. However, individuals like Sandip Parab and his NGO for old age abandoned people shine a light on the needs of this forgotten demographic. They remind us of the timeless values of compassion and empathy, and inspire us to take action and make a difference in the lives of those who once lived in the shadows. 

As Sandip Parab and his NGO for old age people continue their relentless quest to rescue and protect abandoned seniors, their message is clear: every elderly person deserves respect, care and dignity in their twilight years. The story of Jeevan Anand Sanstha serves as a powerful testament to the enduring human spirit and the transformative power of kindness. To support Jeevan Anand Sanstha, you can donate here.

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