THE children of migrant construction workers are born into the challenging circumstances of poverty and constant relocation. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, the struggles of migrant labourers were front and center. As such, these children face significant barriers to education, health and overall well-being. Mumbai Mobile Creches is an NGO in Mumbai that was founded in 1973 and has since emerged as a place of hope for vulnerable youngsters. Mumbai Mobile Creches strives to create child-friendly spaces for the children of migrant construction workers that prioritize safety, health and education. This blog explores the work of Mumbai Mobile Creches and how the NGO in Mumbai is transforming the futures of these young ones.

Mission and vision of Mumbai Mobile Creches

Mumbai Mobile Creches’s mission is crystal clear: to promote “child-friendly sites” where every child residing on a construction site is afforded safety, health, education and the opportunity to enjoy their childhood. The NGO in Mumbai envisions a world where all children experience a nurturing and happy childhood, free from the harsh realities of their parents’ labor-intensive lives. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by migrant communities, the NGO in Mumbai has adopted a flexible and dynamic approach, moving along with the ebb and flow of these transient populations.

The multifaceted approach of Mumbai Mobile Creches revolves around six core areas: education, health, nutrition, hygiene, training and community outreach. By addressing these pillars, this NGO in Mumbai aims to break the cycle of poverty and deprivation that often plagues the children of migrant construction workers. To support Mumbai Mobile Creches, you can donate here


One of the primary focuses of Mumbai Mobile Creches is providing education to children who otherwise might slip through the cracks of formal schooling. The NGO in Mumbai sets up comprehensive day care centers directly on construction sites, ensuring that education is brought to the doorstep of these marginalized communities. The aim is to support the intellectual, emotional and physical development of young children, laying the foundation for their seamless integration into mainstream schools.

Health and nutrition

The harsh conditions of construction sites expose children to numerous health risks. Malnutrition, accidents and other health problems are rampant. Mumbai Mobile Creches addresses these issues head-on by implementing health and nutrition programs within their day care centers. By offering regular check-ups, nutritional support and immediate medical attention when needed, this NGO in Mumbai strives to ensure that the children are not only physically safe but also provided with the essential elements for healthy growth.

Hygiene and well-being

Hygiene plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of diseases in densely populated construction sites. Mumbai Mobile Creches incorporates hygiene education into its programs, emphasizing the importance of cleanliness and sanitation. By instilling good hygiene practices, the NGO in Mumbai contributes to the overall well-being of the children and their families.

Training and community outreach

Mumbai Mobile Creches understands the importance of community involvement and empowerment. The NGO in Mumbai conducts teacher training programs to make sure that educators on construction sites are well-equipped to handle the unique challenges these children face. Moreover, community outreach initiatives provide guidance and support to parents on nutrition, education, health and various other community-specific issues to foster a holistic approach to upliftment.


The impact of Mumbai Mobile Creches is profound and far-reaching. Over the years, the NGO in Mumbai has touched the lives of more than 100,000 children across 270 construction sites. Through teacher training programs, over 1,000 women and men have been equipped to educate and nurture these children effectively. On a daily basis over 1,000 children receive the care and support they need, ensuring that they are not left to fend for themselves in the absence of their working parents. Impressively, 30% of Mumbai Mobile Creches’s teachers come directly from the construction workers’ community, creating a relatable and understanding environment for the children.

The adaptable nature of Mumbai Mobile Creches’s work

A unique aspect of Mumbai Mobile Creches’s approach is its ability to set up and dismantle operations swiftly. As construction projects conclude and migrant communities move, so does the NGO in Mumbai. This agility enables Mumbai Mobile Creches to extend its services to new sites quickly and with minimal disruption, ensuring that no child is left behind in the pursuit of a brighter future.

Mumbai Mobile Creches’s fundraiser on

Mumbai Mobile Creches’s fundraiser on is dedicated to its Comprehensive Day Care Programs. The programs run by this NGO in Mumbai serve as the backbone of Mumbai Mobile Creches’s efforts, providing a holistic solution to the myriad challenges faced by the children of migrant construction workers. Donations to this cause contribute directly to creating safe spaces for education, ensuring access to nutritious meals and offering vital health services.

In the context of urban India, migration within the country is a common phenomenon among the unorganized sector’s workforce. The challenges faced by migrants, particularly those engaged in construction work, are numerous. It includes the lack of housing, low wages, expensive housing, overcrowding and more. The cycle of marginalization is perpetuated, affecting not only the working adults but also their children, who are often left to navigate the complexities of life on their own.

Mumbai Mobile Creches is an NGO in Mumbai which recognizes that addressing the root causes of these challenges is essential for sustainable change. By providing education, health and nutrition directly at the construction sites, the organization aims to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty that has persisted for too long.

Support Mumbai Mobile Creches on

Mumbai Mobile Creches is an NGO in Mumbai that stands as a testament to the transformative power of targeted interventions in the lives of the most vulnerable. By focusing on education, health and nutrition, Mumbai Mobile Crechesnot only mitigates the immediate hardships faced by the children of migrant construction workers but also paves the way for a brighter and more promising future.

As the NGO in Mumbai continues its journey, adapting to the ever-changing landscape of urban development, the hope is that more children will be able to break free from the shackles of poverty, equipped with the tools for a better life. Through continued support and awareness, Mumbai Mobile Creches is an NGO in Mumbai that is making strides towards a world where no child is deprived of a nurturing and happy childhood. To support Mumbai Mobile Creches, you can donate here.


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