NATIONAL Women’s Day in India is celebrated on February 13th each year to honor the birth anniversary of Sarojini Naidu, a prominent Indian political leader, poet and the first woman Governor of an Indian state. This day holds great significance as it highlights the contributions and achievements of women in various fields and promotes gender equality. The history of National Women’s Day traces back to the early 20th century when the struggle for women’s rights and empowerment gained momentum.

National Women’s Day aims to recognize the pivotal role played by women in shaping society and acknowledges their achievements in fields such as politics, science, education, arts and more. It serves as a reminder of the challenges that women have overcome and continue to face, emphasizing the need for continued efforts towards gender equality. National Women’s Day is an occasion to celebrate the achievements of women and inspire future generations to strive for excellence.

This National Women’s Day, here are 5 NGOs supporting women:

Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation

Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation was founded by Daulat Bi Khan, an acid attack survivor. Daulat’s personal experience fuels the mission of the NGO to empower acid attack survivors and recognize them as victors who have courageously faced this traumatic experience. Starting with the support of 3-4 victims, the NGO has expanded its reach to cover over 50 survivors across four states in India, with its headquarters in Mumbai. Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation cares for acid attack survivors by addressing various aspects of survivors’ lives including medical treatments, medicinal requirements, ration and household needs, educational and employment assistance, rental aid and monthly fund distribution.

Daulat’s plea for support highlights the financial challenges that Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation faces in providing comprehensive care. The NGO not only ensures immediate medical attention but also offers shelter, food, legal aid and livelihood support. Daulat’s remarkable journey from the brink of death to a passionate advocate for survivors emphasizes the transformative impact that dedicated NGOs can have on the lives of those affected by acid attacks. To sustain their crucial work, the foundation urges individuals to generously contribute, standing together for a fresh start in the lives of survivors through essential surgeries and support. This National Women’s Day, you can donate here to Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation.

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For abandoned widows left on the streets of Vrindavan, Maitri is an NGO that provides shelter and care to these homeless and elderly women who have no one to care for them. The NGO was founded by Winnie Singh and stands as a compassionate force addressing the plight of widowed mothers abandoned on the streets. Witnessing the heartbreaking reality of children abandoning their mothers, Winnie Singh established Maitri to rescue these vulnerable widows under Project Jeevan. Maitri provides shelter, care, respect and dignity to aging, homeless and destitute widows. Abandoned by their families, many widowed mothers end up living lonely lives, resorting to begging for survival. 

Maitri’s Project Jeevan steps in to offer comprehensive support, focusing on providing nutritious meals for improved health, accessible physical and mental health services, quality aged care and assisted living support. The initiative also emphasizes increasing awareness of and engagement around the struggles faced by these abandoned women. Maitri urges donors to contribute and rescue these widowed mothers from a life of begging, restoring the respect and dignity they deserve. Winnie Singh emphasizes the urgent need for support to provide essentials such as nutritious food, clothing, and healthcare, preventing these vulnerable women from falling prey to illnesses as they age. This National Women’s Day, you can donate here to Maitri. 

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SENEH is an NGO that rescues and shelters old and homeless women and was founded by former Indian Air Force officer Group Captain A.C. Barua. SENEH embodies a mission of compassion and care for abandoned and abused women, offering them a haven of hope and support. Residents of SENEH often bear the scars of mental health conditions, domestic abuse or abandonment, with some labeled as witches due to superstitions, leading to physical assaults. Gr. Capt. Barua, affectionately called ‘Sir’ and ‘Deuta’ which means father in Assamese, rescues these women from critical conditions, providing urgent medical care, nutritious food and a safe shelter filled with love.

After serving in the Indian Air Force for over thirty years, 80-year-old Group Captain Barua relies on people’s help to fulfill his mission. SENEH currently houses over 28 destitute women, each with a unique story and a need for love and care. The NGO goes above and beyond, providing essential medical attention, including cataract operations, dentures, hearing aids and psychiatric medication. The financial burden on Group Captain Barua has grown, with monthly expenses reaching ₹3 lakh, often covered from his own pocket. Urgently seeking funds, he emphasizes the critical role of kindness in saving these abandoned women from the struggles of street survival. This National Women’s Day, you can donate here to SENEH.

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Kshamata is a source of hope and transformation for more than 1,000 women who were formerly ensnared in the clutches of human trafficking and forced prostitution. The NGO offers a lifeline to victims, ensuring they not only escape the horrors of sexual exploitation but also regain control of their lives through meaningful livelihood opportunities. Its founder Bharathy recognizes the severe mental and physical toll these survivors of sex trafficking endure and underscores the critical need for support in rebuilding their shattered lives. Addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by women emerging from sexual exploitation, Kshamata prioritizes safety, counseling and skill development. 

Many survivors lack adequate education and skills, making the process of rehabilitation particularly challenging. However, the NGO remains steadfast in its commitment to providing comprehensive care and empowerment. Bharathy’s personal commitment to the cause stems from a profound belief in using her own life experiences and opportunities for the betterment of others. She emphasizes the transformative impact education and support can have on the lives of these survivors. Urging others to join the cause, she appeals for collective efforts to enable, equip, and ultimately transform the lives of trafficking survivors. Kshamata strives not just to rescue these women from exploitation but to empower them towards a life of liberty, dignity, and self-reliance. This National Women’s Day, you can donate here to Kshamata. 

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Sayodhya Home for Women in Need

Sayodhya Home for Women in Need, led by founder Mrudula Vemulapati, is a safe haven for countless women trapped in the harrowing cycle of domestic abuse. This NGO provides a lifeline to survivors by offering safe shelter, crucial medical care and opportunities for rebuilding their once shattered lives. The reality for many women, facing abuse from their husbands, often turns their homes into prisons. Mrudula Vemulapati emphasizes the silent epidemic of domestic violence, revealing that only 14% of domestic abuse victims report the crime. Sayodhya actively addresses this crisis to rescue victims and combat gender-based discrimination. Sayodhya Home for Women in Need’s proactive approach includes a free legal aid clinic, psychosocial counseling, healthcare and skills training.

Over the last decade, Sayodhya has touched the lives of nearly 3,500 women and impacted more than 10,000 families. Mrudula underscores the cost associated with this holistic support, highlighting the importance of collective assistance in helping these women rebuild their lives. Sayodhya’s dedication to eradicating gender-based discrimination and domestic violence reflects in its multifaceted approach, offering a comprehensive support system that extends beyond rescue to empowerment. As these women step out of abusive households, Sayodhya ensures they don’t walk away empty-handed and gives them the tools and confidence to forge a new, independent path. This National Women’s Day, you can donate here to Sayodhya Home for Women in Need.

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This National Women’s Day it is important to recognize that NGOs in India play a pivotal role in supporting women and addressing their healthcare needs. These NGOs work towards creating awareness about issues that women face and empower women to take control of their lives and futures.

National Women’s Day in India is a momentous occasion that celebrates the achievements of women and promotes gender equality. It serves as a platform for discussions on women’s rights and encourages initiatives to address the challenges they face. NGOs play a crucial role in supporting women, particularly in the realm of healthcare, by creating awareness, providing medical assistance and empowering women to take control of their lives. As India continues to progress towards a more equitable society, the observance of National Women’s Day remains instrumental in fostering positive change. This National Women’s Day, support these 5 NGOs and empower women’s futures!

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