NGOs have a community-focused approach to make a significant impact on various social, economic and environmental issues. In India, where socio-economic disparities are prevalent, NGOs in Delhi assist government initiatives to help vulnerable populations. They offer a wide range of services, including education, healthcare, women’s empowerment, environmental conservation, disaster relief and poverty alleviation. These initiatives often serve marginalized groups such as children, women, rural populations and the elderly.

One of the key areas where NGOs excel is education. With a focus on both formal schooling and vocational training, they strive to bridge the educational gap and empower individuals to break the cycle of poverty. NGOs establish schools, offer scholarships, provide supplementary classes, and distribute learning materials to ensure that quality education reaches even the most remote areas. Healthcare is another critical domain where NGOs make a significant impact. They set up medical camps, mobile clinics, and awareness campaigns to provide healthcare access to underserved communities. These efforts range from basic medical check-ups to specialized care for diseases like HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.

NGOs in Delhi also champion women’s rights and empowerment. They create safe spaces for women to learn skills, gain financial independence, and raise awareness about issues like gender-based violence and reproductive health. Furthermore, environmental NGOs actively engage in initiatives like afforestation, waste management, and advocating for sustainable practices. They work to mitigate the environmental challenges facing India, such as air and water pollution, deforestation, and climate change. Disaster relief and poverty alleviation form another vital aspect of NGO activities. During natural disasters or emergencies, NGOs quickly mobilize resources to provide immediate relief and aid to affected communities. In the long term, they develop sustainable solutions to uplift marginalized populations and improve their quality of life.

Plan India

Plan India, headquartered in Delhi, is a prominent NGO dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable children and communities across India. Focusing on maternal health, sanitation, hygiene, education, and economic empowerment, Plan India’s initiatives have a profound impact. In the realm of maternal health, the organization works to improve access to quality healthcare for pregnant women, ensuring safe deliveries and healthier outcomes. Their sanitation and hygiene projects contribute to creating cleaner environments and reducing preventable diseases.

Plan India’s emphasis on education is evident through initiatives that enhance school infrastructure, provide scholarships, and promote gender equality in education. Simultaneously, their efforts in economic empowerment equip communities, particularly women, with skills and resources to generate sustainable livelihoods. With its holistic approach, Plan India exemplifies how NGOs in Delhi can catalyze positive change. By uplifting vulnerable children and communities in crucial areas, the organization contributes significantly to building a healthier, more educated, and economically empowered society. You can donate here to Plan India.


PRADAN (Professional Assistance for Development Action), headquartered in Delhi, is a pioneering NGO committed to rural community development in India. By focusing on skill development to alleviate poverty and create livelihood opportunities, PRADAN has transformed countless lives. Operating primarily in rural areas, PRADAN identifies the unique challenges faced by marginalized communities and tailors its interventions to address them effectively. Through training and capacity-building, the organization equips individuals with practical skills that empower them to generate sustainable income sources.

PRADAN’s approach not only uplifts individuals but also strengthens the social and economic fabric of entire communities. By fostering self-reliance and encouraging entrepreneurship, the organization contributes to poverty reduction and overall community well-being. In Delhi, PRADAN serves as a beacon of change, showcasing how dedicated NGOs can drive impactful transformations at the grassroots level. Through skill development and livelihood initiatives, PRADAN paints a brighter future for rural populations, fostering economic independence and sustainable growth. You can donate here to PRADAN.


Goonj, headquartered in Delhi, stands as a remarkable NGO dedicated to multi-faceted rural development in India. With a unique and innovative approach, Goonj transforms discarded urban materials into valuable resources for rural communities. The organization’s commitment to sustainable development is evident through its emphasis on recycling and repurposing. Goonj collects surplus materials from urban areas, ranging from clothes and household items to educational supplies, and redistributes them in rural regions. This not only addresses material wastage but also directly improves the quality of life for underserved communities.

Goonj’s holistic approach extends beyond basic needs, encompassing education, healthcare, and disaster relief as well. By leveraging urban resources, the organization empowers rural populations to uplift themselves, promoting self-sufficiency and reducing dependency. In Delhi, Goonj shines as a beacon of resourcefulness and community engagement. By bridging the gap between urban excess and rural necessities, the NGO exemplifies how creative solutions can drive positive change, ultimately contributing to the holistic development of India’s rural areas. You can donate here to Goonj.

Delhi Council for Child Welfare

Delhi Council for Child Welfare, based in Delhi, plays a pivotal role in nurturing and supporting underprivileged children, including those who are homeless or face physical and mental challenges. Through a comprehensive range of services, the organization provides a holistic approach to child welfare. From offering a secure home and adoption services to providing essential medical care and nutrition, the council ensures the well-being of vulnerable children. Moreover, their dedication to rehabilitation, vocational training, and education support equips these children with the tools they need to build a brighter future for themselves.

By addressing the diverse needs of disadvantaged children, the Delhi Council for Child Welfare showcases how NGOs can create a profound impact. Their commitment to providing a nurturing environment, opportunities for growth, and a chance at a fulfilling life reflects a compassionate and dedicated approach to improving the lives of those who need it most. Delhi Council for Child Welfare stands as a beacon of hope, advocating for the rights and well-being of underprivileged children. Through their unwavering support, encompassing every aspect from healthcare to education and vocational training, the organization exemplifies the transformative power of NGOs in shaping a brighter future for vulnerable children in Delhi and beyond. You can donate here to Delhi Council for Child Welfare.


Deepalaya, headquartered in Delhi, serves as a beacon of empowerment for the underprivileged by addressing multifaceted issues through a spectrum of impactful projects. With a holistic approach, the NGO engages in education, support for the differently-abled, vocational training, healthcare, institutional care, and women’s empowerment. Through education initiatives, Deepalaya breaks the cycle of poverty by providing quality learning opportunities to children who lack access. Their dedication to differently-abled individuals ensures inclusivity and a chance for them to thrive. Additionally, vocational training equips youth with skills for sustainable livelihoods.

Deepalaya’s commitment to healthcare and institutional care enhances the well-being of those in need, fostering a sense of security and dignity. Moreover, by empowering women, the organization catalyzes societal change, promoting gender equality and self-sufficiency. In Delhi, Deepalaya stands as a testament to how NGOs can uplift communities comprehensively. Through their diverse projects, they transform lives, instilling hope and enabling the underprivileged to rewrite their narratives and contribute positively to society. You can donate here to Deepalaya.

NGOs in Delhi are instrumental in driving positive change across India by addressing various social, economic, and environmental challenges. Their tireless efforts reflect a commitment to improving lives and fostering a more inclusive and equitable society. As they continue to collaborate with communities and stakeholders, NGOs contribute significantly to the nation’s development journey.

The featured NGOs excel in their respective domains and are not ranked here in any specific order or merit. Absence from the list does not diminish the remarkable efforts of other NGOs.

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