SHRADDHANAND Mahilashram, amidst the cacophony of urban life, is a haven of hope and empowerment for vulnerable women and children. Shraddhanand Mahilashram, an initiative spearheaded by the Hindu Women’s Welfare Society, has been making significant strides in fostering a brighter future for those in need. Established in Matunga, Mumbai, this NGO has tirelessly worked to uplift the lives of countless girls and women through various programs and initiatives.

History and mission

The roots of Shraddhanand Mahilashram trace back to the Hindu Women’s Welfare Society, a dedicated organization committed to the welfare of women. Founded with the vision of promoting the well-being and empowerment of women from all walks of life, this society laid the foundation for the establishment of Shraddhanand Mahilashram.

The primary mission of Shraddhanand Mahilashram is to create a nurturing environment where vulnerable girls and women can find shelter, education, vocational training and most importantly, a sense of belonging. This institution has played a pivotal role in forging connections between the girls within their care and society at large, enabling adoptions, marriages and facilitating a sense of community inclusion – donate here.

Special Care Centre: nurturing fragile lives

At the heart of Shraddhanand Mahilashram lies its Special Care Centre, a place of hope for children with fragile health. Here, a dedicated team of doctors and nurses work tirelessly to provide the best care possible for these young lives. This specialized care extends from the first few years of a child’s life, and in many cases, it continues long after. For most of these children, the path forward involves adoption into loving families.

However, for those who face physical and/or mental handicaps, the ashram steps in as their sanctuary. Here, they not only receive shelter but also comprehensive care that includes physiotherapy, speech therapy and more. The institution’s commitment to these children extends beyond just their basic needs. They are provided with an environment that fosters growth and development, ensuring that they have every opportunity to lead fulfilling lives.

Education and vocational training

The girls under the care of Shraddhanand Mahilashram live in a structured environment overseen by a House Mother (Grihmata). The ashram’s facilities include separate dormitories to ensure their comfort and safety. A well-defined daily routine includes school, college and vocational training programs, all aimed at equipping these girls with the skills they need to take on responsible roles in society.

The vocational training at Shraddhanand Mahilashram is a critical component of their empowerment strategy. It includes a range of skills such as embroidery, stitching, cooking and various handicrafts. Through these programs, the girls not only acquire valuable skills but also develop a sense of self-respect and self-reliance. This empowerment is essential in helping them break free from the cycle of poverty and dependence, enabling them to build brighter futures.

Support for women’s economic self-reliance

Shraddhanand Mahilashram doesn’t limit its efforts to the empowerment of girls alone. In the Mahila section, women between 20 and 60 years of age are provided with shelter and training in various skills. The goal is to encourage economic self-reliance through gainful employment. Many of these women, thanks to the ashram’s support, have been able to secure employment and become financially independent.

In an inspiring testament to the organization’s work, many of these women have also found love and companionship through the ashram, with several marriages arranged within this supportive community. This not only provides them with emotional stability but also reaffirms the sense of belonging and community that Shraddhanand Mahilashram seeks to foster – donate here

Elderly care and safe shelter

The institution’s outreach extends to Vasai, where elderly women who have no one to look after them are provided with a safe and caring environment. These women are given nutritious meals and regular medical check-ups, ensuring that their twilight years are as comfortable and dignified as possible. This compassionate gesture reflects the organization’s commitment to women at every stage of life.

The B. J. Mulji Working Women Hostel in Kurla serves as a sanctuary for immigrant working women from lower-income backgrounds. It provides them with a safe and supportive environment in a bustling metropolis like Mumbai, where accommodation and security can be significant concerns. By offering affordable and secure housing, Shraddhanand Mahilashram empowers these women to pursue their careers with confidence.

Investing in education

Education is a cornerstone of empowerment, and Shraddhanand Mahilashram recognizes this. The institution has set up the M.P.V.V. Hostel in Matunga, which serves as accommodation for girls whose parents reside in their native places while pursuing higher education in Mumbai. This initiative ensures that these girls have a safe and conducive environment to focus on their studies, unlocking new opportunities and career paths for them.

Future development and expansion

As a testament to their commitment to continuous improvement, Shraddhanand Mahilashram is currently engaged in the redevelopment of the Working Women’s Hostel at Kurla and expanding the hostel for students in the adjoining building at Matunga M.P.V.V. premises. These developments are aimed at enhancing the quality of care and support they provide to women and children in need. 

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Through its various initiatives, Shraddhanand Mahilashram has touched countless lives, providing shelter, education, vocational training and a sense of belonging to vulnerable girls and women. Their commitment to nurturing fragile lives, supporting economic self-reliance, and caring for the elderly exemplifies the organization’s dedication to women at every stage of life. As they continue to expand and develop their facilities, the future holds even more promise for the individuals and communities touched by Shraddhanand Mahilashram’s compassionate work. To support Shraddhanand Mahilashram, you can donate here.

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