Some kids are abandoned by their parents within a few months of their birth, and some are left even before they open their eyes to see the world. To give a normal childhood to the destitute, orphans and children whose parents couldn’t take care of them, several NGOs are doing their best to provide them a homelike environment and care. Donate to an NGO for children in India, to give a poor child a better childhood.

1. Delhi Council for Child Welfare

children NGO : Delhi Council for Childs Welfare

When Madhavi was just two weeks, she was left in the cradle outside the gates of Palna. She was suffering from a deficiency of glucose and calcium. The doctors worked hard to improve her condition and little Madhavi steadily gained normal weight and grew as a normal baby. She is now ready to start her new life with a loving family to adopt her. Established in 1978, Palna is Delhi Council for Child Welfare’s most well-known program for abandoned, homeless and destitute children. Sponsor  medical expenses of these children by donating to this NGO for children.

2. Snehalaya

NGO for Children : Snehalaya

Many things in life are not by choice. Pinki was born HIV+ for no fault of hers but she was blessed to receive timely support from Snehalaya. Given her delicate health, a full-time caregiver nursed her with all the love and care. Pinky is now a healthy child who loves to meet people. The NGO is also taking care of her education. Snehalaya is supporting 15,000 beneficiaries including women, children and LGBT communities, who have been affected by HIV & AIDS, trafficking, sexual violence, and poverty. Donate to provide nutrition and support this NGO for children and give a dignified life to HIV infected children in India.

3. Shraddhanand Mahilashram

Abandoned at two by her mother, today Chandra is a successful paramedical professional. She  was brought up with love and care in Shraddhanand Mahilashram’s Bal Gruha with other children like herself. She completed her Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technician course and started her career as an Assistant Lab Technician. Today, a mother of one, Chandra has everything that she deserves because of the care she received. Shraddhanand Mahilashram runs a shelter home for abandoned children, where they are provided with food, healthcare, and education. Help this NGO for children by donating for the shelter home expenses.

4. Bhumi

NGO for Children : Bhumi

10-year-old Santha lives in a shelter home for orphans in Chennai. The orphanage provided him food, shelter, and education. He is a sharp child and all he needed was the right push. He was given a chance at Bhumi’s annual inter-orphanage talent fest, Nakshatra. It is Bhumi’s annual art, cultural, sports and science talent fest for children from shelter homes and orphanages. Give a child a chance to grow by donating to a trusted NGO for children like Bhumi

5. Make A Difference

NGO for Children : MAD

Born in Andhra Pradesh, Dhanya was abandoned by her father even before she was born. Her mother took care of her. The duo migrated to Bangalore and Dhanya joined Make A Difference at one of the city shelter homes. She was also provided with food at the shelter. Later, she joined a college with an aspiration to become a Journalist. MAD works with children in orphanages and shelter homes across India. The number of youth going to universities in the partner shelter homes is 78%. Donate to this NGO for children to fulfill the ambitions of a poor child.

6. SOS Children’s Villages of India

Do you know how many children Tulsi has? 33! The longest-serving mother at  SOS Children’s Villages of India, Tulsi has raised 33 children, spanning four generations. Her journey has not been an easy one. She has raised children from different backgrounds, across age groups. SOS provides long-term family-based care to abandoned children, with each home housing 8-10 children. All their requirements are taken care of. Donate to support the mothers who play an important role in the lives of these children.

7. Society of Friends of the Sassoon Hospitals (SOFOSH)

Omkar came to Shreevatsa when he was 11-day-old, weighing meager 2.5 kgs. He was recommended a high-risk surgery for his survival for which he needed to weigh at least 5 kgs. With proper nutritional care, he grew stronger and was successfully underwent surgery. Established in 1973, Shreevatsa is a special child-care center run by SOFOSH to cater to the needs of abandoned and orphaned children. It provides a protective and happy home, and also actively look for a family for these children to adopt them. Donate to this NGO for children to give these children a better childhood.

8. El Shaddai

When Sanika’s mother died because of depression, Sanika had no choice but to run away from her home. Victim of regular abuse by her father, little Sanika found streets safer than her own house. Thankfully, a kind stranger brought her to El Shaddai Children’s Home where she not only found a safe home but also family like friends. Sanika studied in an in-house school and also participated in activities like dancing and painting. The home provides safe shelter to 365 children and takes care of all their needs. Donate to this NGO for children, where these children can grow and have the childhood they deserve.

9. Sahaara’s ‘Mahima Children’s Home’ 

With little to make two-ends meet, Rajesh was on the verge of becoming a child laborer. Living in the slums of Mumbai, education has always been a luxury for her. When she was enrolled in the shelter home by Sahaara, she was provided with the right environment to grow. She was also given proper clothing, nutrition, and healthcare. Sahaara’s ‘Mahima Children’s Home’ is a shelter for orphans and children whose parents are unable to look after them. It provides a loving home-like environment for children. Donate to this NGO for children for a poor child‘s education.

10.  Catalysts for Social Action

NGO for Children : Catalyst for Social Action

Hailing from a small village in Maharashtra, 14-year-old Surabhi used to spend most of her time at the child-care institution in her village. There she was provided with basic  nutrition and schooling. This made Surabhi the first generation in her family to receive a proper education. Saurabhi wished for new clothes at one of the festivals. She was on cloud nine when Catalysts for Social Action fulfilled her wish. CAS is spreading joy by fulfilling the wishes of over 3,400 children in over 60 child-care institutions across four states. It has also facilitated over 250 successful adoptions to date. Donate to this NGO for children to fulfill the wishes of children like Surabhi.

Extend a helping hand and make a difference in the lives of these poor souls. Donate to above children NGOs to sponsor a child and provide him with basic food, shelter, and education.

(The featured NGOs are not in any order of rank or preference.)

(Blog updated in May 2022)

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