WORLD Environment Day is celebrated worldwide on June 5th each year by schools, organizations, governments and any NGO working for environment protection. World Environment Day is a time to focus on environmental issues and come together to find solutions to the problems that have been identified by citizens. It is also a time to celebrate the planet that gives us life and preserve its biodiversity. But as the world becomes increasingly urbanized, people are left to grapple with the devastating effects of deforestation, air pollution, climate change and other phenomena that impacts planet Earth. 

The theme for World Environment Day 2024 is “land restoration, halting desertification and building drought resilience” under the slogan Our Land, Our Future. Land restoration means stopping the degradation of land that happens as a result of deforestation and rehabilitating the land through massive tree plantation. Desertification is what happens when dry land becomes even more arid because of the loss of water because of the loss of vegetation and unsustainable agricultural practices. Drought resilience is the farmers’ ability to withstand the effects of drought through the effective management of water resources.’s three environmental missions

These environmental issues are of serious concern to people worldwide because they affect people’s health, livelihoods, settlements and the planet for future generations. has 3 environmental missions that address three crucial areas of concern for people: air, water and land. Each of these environmental missions work with an established NGO working for environment protection in that particular area. These three environmental missions are opportunities for people to reverse the disastrous effects of environmental degradation and restore the planet to its intended state. 

Here are 3 environmental missions to support this World Environment Day: 

Mission: Right To Clean Air

It is found that 83 of the 100 cities with the worst air pollution in the world are in India, according to a study conducted by IQAir. The more the air pollution, the worse people’s health is affected. The World Health Organization reports that air pollution can affect every organ in the human body and can lead to an increased risk of asthma and diseases such as heart disease, lung disease and even certain cancers. The most effective way to reduce air pollution is to plant more trees. Trees absorb harmful pollutants and release oxygen into the air, which enables us to breathe. For example, it was found that one large tree can supply four people with all the oxygen they will need that day. 

a dried and green tree side by side

Mission: Right To Clean Air works with a network of NGOs that have a successful tree plantation track record. Each NGO working for environment protection is dedicated to scouting the land, preparing the site and maintaining the saplings once planted. Mission: Right To Clean Air plants trees on barren land, builds community forests and encourages agroforestry, which is a system that combines agricultural and forestry technologies. To support Mission: Right To Clean Air, donate here. 

Support Mission: Right To Clean Air

Mission: Safe Water For All

Drought is a severe shortage of water caused by a lack of rainfall. Urban and rural areas across India have been experiencing drought at an increased rate. The lack of drinking water causes dehydration, kidney stones and other serious health concerns. The lack of water intended for agricultural use, on the other hand, has been known to cause crop failure, lesser food output and farmer suicides. Desilting water bodies, rainwater harvesting and reviving tubewells can clean water bodies and enable people to access clean drinking water and water for cultivation. All three solutions transform unclean water bodies into usable water to make people healthier and strengthen agricultural output. 

a little boy sitting beside a dried up lake

Mission: Safe Water For All partners with NGOs that have rejuvenated thousands of water bodies and conserved 340+ crore liters of water. Each NGO working for environment protection is dedicated to finding effective solutions to water woes by desilting lakes with each lake able to irrigate 100 acres of land, digging ponds to help farmers find other water sources in the event of a weak monsoon and fixing tubewells in low-lying areas to give people an addition source of drinking water. To support Mission: Safe Water For All, you can donate here:

Support Mission: Safe Water For All

Mission: Manage India’s Waste

Unsegregated waste and dangerous waste such as plastic ends up in landfills, oceans and rivers where it pollutes the environment, destroys plant and animal life and harms human health. Large volumes of garbage in landfills exude methane, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. Plastic pollution in our oceans and rivers causes the death of millions of animals each year and also lead to humans ingesting microplastics found in marine animals which we consume as food. But segregating waste, recycling waste and composting are known to be effective methods to reduce the volume of harmful unsegregated garbage going into landfills and water bodies and harming the environment.

a landfill

Mission: Manage India’s Waste and its environmental NGOs have diverted 2.4 lakh kgs of waste from landfills and reduced 1,395 kgs of waste at the source, i.e. the household. Each NGO working for environment protection works with households to segregate and recycle waste before throwing it away, encourages composting to find more useful purposes for wet waste rather than ending up in landfills and raises awareness on adopting better waste management practices. To support Mission: Manage India’s Waste, you can donate here:

Support Mission: Manage India's Waste

Each month, your support is needed’s missions encourage you to pledge your support each month to make sure that constant support is provided to each NGO working for environment protection. For example, once an NGO receives your support, the team can purchase tree seedlings. But it is only with your support each month that the NGO has the logistics support to dig, plant and maintain the newly planted trees. This is why your support month after month is crucial. 

This World Environment Day, pledge your support each month to’s environmental missions and do your part to heal the planet and improve life for people across India. 


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