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How a 19-year-old stood up for the homeless elderly

Jasper Paul of Second Chance gives a second life to homeless elderly who would otherwise end up on streets
ACROSS the cities of India, near temples, railway stations, or government hospitals, it is not uncommon to witness the disheartening sight of frail and homeless elderly people without any support. Despite its widespread occurrence, the plight of these elderly persons often goes unnoticed, resulting in homelessness, neglect, and a lack of access to necessities and healthcare. In the face...

Reducing environment footprint: 6 steps for a sustainable lifestyle

Reducing our environmental footprint should be our collective goal, but it calls for individual action every day
In today's world, taking action and reducing our environmental footprint is crucial to protect the planet. Fortunately, each of us has the power to make a difference through small changes in our daily lives. On World Environment Day, we can explore practical ways to reduce our environmental impact and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. Energy Conservation Start by conserving energy at...

Environment hero: Dr. Anil Joshi’s quest to protect the hills

Dr Anil Prakash Joshi is an environment hero like no other
THE communities in the Himalayan states of India face various socio-economic challenges, including poverty, limited access to healthcare and education, unemployment, and migration. These factors contribute to unsustainable practices, such as the overexploitation of natural resources and encroachment into sensitive ecological areas. Amid the increasing poverty, migration and threat to the delicate ecological balance of the Himalayan region, a...

The art of combining environmental protection and poverty alleviation

Bharati Chaturvedi combines environmental protection with poverty alleviation and has uplifted many rag pickers from poverty
IN the bustling cities and towns of India, hidden within the shadows of progress and economic growth, lies a segment of society often overlooked and marginalised—the rag pickers. These unsung heroes, often living on the fringes, play a crucial yet arduous role in waste management and recycling. However, their contributions are overshadowed by the extent of poverty they face....

How climate change impacts India

Climate Change can have devastating impact on India and we need to work towards solutions on World Environment Day
CLIMATE change is a global crisis with far-reaching consequences, and India is one of the most vulnerable countries to its impact. As extreme weather events, rising temperatures, and changing rainfall patterns become increasingly common, the socio-economic fabric of India is being severely affected. This article on World Environment Day explores how climate change impacts India and emphasizes the importance...

5 Environmental NGOs in India fighting climate change

Environmental NGOs in India are trying to fight climate change
ISSUES related to the environment have become pressing concerns in India, leading to the emergence of numerous non-governmental organizations (NGOs) dedicated to safeguarding the environment. These NGOs play a crucial role in raising awareness, implementing sustainable practices and advocating for policy changes to address the challenges posed by climate change. In this article, we will explore the role of...

Supporting environmental causes through donations

Environmental causes by NGOs should be supported through donations and fundaraisers
THE World Environment Day (WED) is a day to raise awareness and take action for the environment and an opportunity to contribute through financial support. Donating money to environmental causes is a powerful way to make a tangible impact and accelerate positive change. In this blog, we will explore the significance of money donations, highlight Indian charities working towards...

Global Day of Parents: NGOs supporting abandoned parents

Global Parents Day is a reminder on the importance of not abandoning parents in their old age
RIGHT from nurturing babies in the womb, parents worldwide spend most of their time caring for their children. Parents are responsible for their children’s nutritional, educational and social-emotional growth and development. In raising children, parents shape who that individual will be and what they will accomplish. Parenting is an important job that often requires additional support from family members,...

World No Tobacco Day: 5 reasons to quit smoking or vaping 

World No Tobacco Day is marked to spread the word about the dangers of smoking and vaping. Smoking kills
GOOD health allows us to have a job, earn money, care for our families, go on vacations and follow our goals and aspirations. Health complications such as heart disease or cancer throw a wrench into those plans and drastically reduce our quality of life. One of the main habits to worsen our health is smoking and its latest form...

Menstrual Hygiene Day: Why boys and men matter 

Menstrual Hygiene is as important as any other form of hygiene. But on Menstrual Hygiene Day it is important to normalise the talk around it
IN the same month that the world observes Menstrual Hygiene Day, a man in his thirties murdered his 12-year-old sister grossly mistaking her period blood-stained clothes as the result of being sexually active.  While this is an extreme example of what can happen when a person does not know about menstruation, there are many other negative consequences of not normalizing...