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5 NGOs you can support this Giving Tuesday

GIVING Tuesday has emerged as a powerful force for good, emphasizing the importance of generosity and philanthropy. Giving Tuesday serves as a counterpoint to the consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, encouraging individuals to redirect their focus towards charitable giving. NGOs play a pivotal role in channeling this spirit of generosity into meaningful impact. NGOs act as catalysts, connecting donors with causes that align with their values and concerns. These organizations serve as intermediaries, ensuring that financial contributions make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need. By carrying out a diverse range of projects and initiatives, NGOs provide a reliable pathway for donors to address pressing social issues, from poverty and healthcare to education and environmental conservation.

NGOs often leverage Giving Tuesday to amplify their fundraising efforts and raise awareness about critical challenges. Through storytelling and communication, they inspire individuals to become active participants in creating positive change. The collaborative nature of Giving Tuesday, coupled with the expertise of NGOs, transforms charitable impulses into a collective force that can make a lasting impact on communities worldwide. Ultimately, Giving Tuesday underscores the notion that generosity, when channeled effectively through NGOs, has the power to create a more equitable and compassionate world.

Here are 5 NGOs you can support this Giving Tuesday:


Maitri, led by Winnie Singh, addresses the heart-wrenching issue of widowed mothers abandoned on Vrindavan’s streets in north India. Witnessing the societal trend where children forsake their widowed mothers due to financial priorities, Maitri’s Project Jeevan intervenes to rescue these vulnerable women. Many, escaping abusive pasts, end up in destitution, begging for survival. Maitri aims to provide comprehensive support through Project Jeevan, offering nutritious meals, accessible health services, quality aged care, and awareness initiatives. The NGO recognizes the health challenges faced by these abandoned widows due to impoverished living conditions, striving to alleviate respiratory infections and chronic ailments. Maitri endeavors to break this heartbreaking cycle of widow abandonment, ensuring no widow is left to endure a lonely, impoverished existence. Through their holistic approach, Maitri not only rescues these women from the harsh streets but also advocates for their well-being, emphasizing the importance of compassion and care for the most marginalized members of society. To support Maitri this Giving Tuesday, you can donate here

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Society for Participatory Integrated Development

For over 30 years, Society for Participatory Integrated Development (SPID), led by Lalitha S.A., has been a shining light in the darkness, rescuing over 3,000 children from the horrors of sex trafficking. Operating in Delhi’s notorious GB Road red-light area, Lalitha, a dedicated social worker, has liberated numerous women from forced prostitution. However, it is the plight of exploited children, some as young as ten or twelve, that SPID passionately addresses. The NGO provides these vulnerable youngsters with home education and care, offering them a chance at a new life away from the red-light districts. Despite these remarkable efforts, Lalitha and SPID face challenges due to limited resources and facilities. The need to rescue more children and provide them with a permanent, loving home necessitates community support. Your contribution can empower Lalitha to expand her mission, ensuring that more rescued children receive the care and upbringing they deserve. Lalitha’s unwavering commitment to the survival and safety of these young lives exemplifies the crucial role SPID plays in breaking the cycle of exploitation, offering hope and a brighter future to those who need it most. To support Society for Participatory Integrated Development this Giving Tuesday, you can donate here.

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India Animal Fund

India Animal Foundation, in collaboration with other NGOs, is at the forefront of alleviating the suffering of farmed animals. These compassionate organizations extend safe shelter, nourishment and crucial medical care to animals rescued from harrowing conditions in illegal dairies and slaughterhouses. Despite societal strides against injustice, millions of voiceless farmed animals endure inhumane cruelty, hidden away in dismal sheds and subjected to mistreatment. Illegal dairy units, in particular, perpetrate egregious acts of violence against these creatures. Dr. Asher Jesudoss of People For Animals Public Policy Foundation exposes the horrifying conditions, where animals are beaten, abused and overcrowded, enduring a lifetime of pain. Illegal and violent methods are employed to extract milk, leaving animals with illnesses, induced labor pains and separated from their calves. With your support, Asher and these NGOs championing the cause can amplify awareness and provide immediate medical intervention for animals facing a slow and agonizing fate. Your contribution becomes a lifeline for these voiceless beings, offering hope and tangible assistance in the battle against the hidden cruelties inflicted upon farmed animals in India. To support India Animal Fund, you can donate here.

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Blind Welfare Society

Blind Welfare Society, led by President Asha Bhola, has emerged as a place of transformation for visually impaired girls facing abandonment and neglect. Recounting a poignant success story, Bhola shares how a blind girl, rescued from captivity and forced begging, thrived under Blind Welfare Society’s care to become a senior government official. BWS has extended hope and support to 40 such blind girls, often abandoned by families due to societal misconceptions about visual impairment.

Tragically, the noble work of providing care, shelter and education for these girls encounters financial challenges, jeopardizing the continuation of Blind Welfare Society’s vital mission. In many parts of the country, blind girls are unjustly perceived as burdens, with some being neglected or sold into begging, reinforcing the urgent need for organizations like BWS. Asha Bhola passionately challenges societal neglect and emphasizes the pivotal role education plays in shaping the futures of these innocent children. She questions the unfairness faced by visually impaired girls, advocating for their right to education and care. Blind Welfare Society stands as a crucial lifeline for these vulnerable individuals, offering them a chance at a brighter future beyond the darkness imposed by societal prejudices. To support Blind Welfare Society this Giving Tuesday, you can donate here.

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Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation

Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation, founded in 2016 by the resilient acid attack survivor Daulat Bi Khan, stands as a testament to triumph over tragedy. Starting with a humble mission to empower acid attack survivors, the Mumbai-based NGO now extends its support to over 50 victims across four states in India. Daulat, having experienced the devastating consequences of an acid attack, transformed her pain into purpose. Reflecting on her own ordeal, Daulat shares the chilling moment of the attack, emphasizing the urgent need for medical care and resources. From a poor family, she and her sisters struggled to afford treatment, facing the harsh reality of the aftermath. Daulat’s miraculous recovery inspired her to establish the NGO, driven by a profound commitment to aid survivors.

The NGO’s comprehensive approach encompasses medical treatments, medicinal requirements, ration and household needs, educational and employment assistance, rental aid and monthly fund distributions. However, the noble endeavors of Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation require collective support. Daulat passionately calls upon individuals to stand together, offering a fresh start to survivors through essential surgeries and holistic support. In the face of adversity, Daulat and her foundation exemplify resilience and the transformative power of solidarity in rebuilding lives shattered by acid attacks. To support Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation this Giving Tuesday, you can donate here.

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Support these remarkable NGOs this Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday, individuals worldwide can make a profound impact by supporting five remarkable NGOs transforming lives across India. From Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation empowering survivors to Blind Welfare Society providing hope for visually impaired girls, India Animal Foundation rescuing animals, to Society for Participatory Integrated Development rescuing trafficked children and Maitri aiding abandoned widowed mothers – these organizations rely on donations to continue their vital work. By contributing, individuals can directly participate in creating positive change, offering hope and improving the lives of those in need across diverse and impactful causes this Giving Tuesday!

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