EVERY child’s heart is filled with the potential for greatness, irrespective of their circumstances. This is what Colonel Mickie Uberoi believes and is the reason he founded his NGO for girls named Sant Ishwar Foundation. Colonel Mickie Uberoi is a retired army veteran and serves as the guiding force to provide orphaned and abandoned girls with safe shelter, a loving home and a bright future. Ghar is an initiative of Sant Ishwar Foundation and stands as a testament to the transformative power of compassion and education. This blog explores Colonel Mickie Uberoi’s NGO for girls which offers orphaned and abandoned children a haven where their dreams can take flight.

Colonel Mickie Uberoi’s vision: more than an orphanage

“Ghar is a unique institution”, shares the founder of this NGO for girls. “I never conceived it to be an orphanage but a home,” shares Colonel Mickie Uberoi as he reflects on the reason that he started Ghar which is an initiative of Sant Ishwar Foundation. As a celebrated army veteran, Colonel Mickie Uberoi envisions a place where children, despite their unfortunate circumstances, can find not only shelter but also the warmth and support of a family. Ghar is more than just an NGO for girls who are in need of care. It is a haven where parentless and abandoned girls experience refuge and love and can build a foundation for a future filled with promise.

Colonel Mickie Uberoi is driven by the belief that every child deserves the best possible future. Under his leadership, Sant Ishwar Foundation is an NGO for girls that believes in giving every child a chance to both enjoy their childhoods and reach their highest potential. Under his leadership, Sant Ishwar Foundation is working toward saving as many orphaned and abandoned girl children as possible from the harsh realities of life on the streets. The charitable contributions of compassionate donors have the power to transform countless lives and turn despair into hope and abandonment into the prospect of a limitless future. To support Colonel Mickie Uberoi and his NGO for girls, you can donate here

Ghar: a stepping stone to a brighter future

Ghar means ‘home’ in Hindi and is the realization of Colonel Mickie Uberoi’s dream. His NGO for girls embodies his vision of creating a nurturing environment for orphaned and abandoned girl children and helping them have a much better future. The NGO for girls does not merely provide a roof over their heads; it fosters their individual dreams and ambitions. In Colonel Mickie Uberoi’s own words, “We feel that our children should go on to become agents of change in society. They should make an impact and a difference in the lives of others.” This belief in the transformative power of education and nurturing is what drives Ghar’s mission forward.

a man with a group of children in a classroom

Step into Ghar, and one witnesses dreams taking flight. Colonel Mickie Uberoi proudly shares the aspirations of the girls under Ghar’s care which range from aspiring army officers to IAS officers, collectors, flight attendants and pilots. This is a testament to the environment of aspiration cultivated within the walls of this NGO for girls, where the children are encouraged to dream big and believe in their potential.

From despair to dreams

Colonel Mickie Uberoi’s journey to establish an NGO for girls was not without its challenges and doubts. Recalling his early days as a cadet in the National Defence Academy, he mentions, “Even when I was a 16 or 17 year old cadet in the National Defence Academy, I would say one day I will start an orphanage.” The harsh realities that children face, such as being abandoned and found on the roadside, served as the catalyst for Colonel Mickie Uberoi’s mission.

To run this NGO for girls, the financial aspect was a significant concern for Colonel Mickie Uberoi. “I am a retired pensioner. Where the money would come from was always a big concern,” he admits. However, Colonel Mickie Uberoi was driven by a sense of duty and a burning desire to make a difference so he stepped forward with his dream. Ghar emerged as a hope-filled NGO for girls who were facing great adversities and he stood steadfast in its mission to provide love, care and opportunities to every child who walks through its doors.

a man embracing a group of children

Join the mission to empower dreams, one child at a time

This compassionate NGO for girls in need pleads with compassionate individuals to join their mission. When these children were abandoned, they were left to fend for themselves and vulnerable to the dangers of life on the streets. Their thoughts were consumed only with their day-to-day living and keeping themselves safe. But Colonel Mickie Uberoi shares that “now when people ask our girls about their future, they will all say they want to become army officers or IAS officers.” The dreams of these girls are not just aspirations; they are the seeds of transformation waiting to be nurtured.

Sant Ishwar Foundation’s fundraiser on Give.do provides an opportunity for individuals to contribute to Colonel Mickie Uberoi’s dream. Every donation counts in helping parentless or abandoned girl children have a loving home, education and a bright future. Together, compassionate donors can rewrite the narrative of abandonment and despair into one of hope, love and limitless possibility.

Support Sant Ishwar Foundation on Give.do

In a world where the plight of orphaned and abandoned children often goes unnoticed, Ghar of Sant Ishwar Foundation stands as a shining lighthouse. Retired Colonel Mickie Uberoi’s vision goes beyond charity. It is about instilling a sense of purpose and empowerment in every child’s heart. By supporting this noble cause, donors have the opportunity to be the change they wish to see in the world. “Join hands with us, and be the change you wish to see in the world,” shares Retired Colonel Mickie Uberoi. To support Colonel Mickie Uberoi and his NGO for girls, you can donate here


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