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Introducing Giving Premier League 2017: India’s Biggest Fundraising Festival

With an aim to help NGOs complete their fundraising targets at the end of the financial year,  LetzChange is proud to present the ‘Giving Premier League 2017.’ This is a one of its kind online fundraising event where donors can contribute in the development of the region they hail from, by supporting the team that represents their home town.

There are people who take it upon themselves to improve the area that they come from. India is home to numerous non-profits that serve the destitute. People who are passionate about making a positive change in the world that they live in, are volunteering in their own capacity to serve the cause that they care about.

LetzChange has on-boarded more than 160 such organisations after due diligence and tries to ease some burden off their shoulders, by making fundraising a simple and convenient process.

Every year, through our LetzChange Fundraising Challenge, we intend to incentivize our partners to reach out to larger number of donors and gain better visibility in the eyes of the public. Charities get a chance to win exciting rewards and matching-grants, depending on their efforts in getting the maximum number of unique donors as well as the amount raised.

Previously in 2015 and 2016, Rs.1 Crore (each) had been raised, all thanks to the spirit and perseverance of our committed partner organisations. This time however, we are aiming big and scaling up the event, with a larger number of partners on-board and a cumulative prize of Rs.2 Crore up for grabs.

Apart from the fixed rewards, non-profits stand a chance to win huge prizes if they are a part of the winning team in the League. Charities therefore, have to start communicating, work on co-ordination and co-operation to bring the best out of each one of them so that the team as a whole wins.

For the donors, this would be a great time to know more about the local heroes. This can be an opportunity to see numerous NGOs operating just around where you live, understand the vision with which they were established, appreciate the cause they serve and assess the progress they have made. This is your chance to let these Samaritans know that they are not alone, that their efforts are not going to go waste. Show solidarity to the place you belong to, the lanes where you spent your childhood and give back to the society.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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