IN the age of digital connectivity and shared compassion, NGOs across India are harnessing the power of online fundraising to create transformative impact. Through, these NGOs have raised substantial funds, demonstrating that when people unite for a common cause, they can make an immense impact. There are many heartwarming success stories but the fundraising journeys of Maitri, Manavlok, Guria, SHEOWS, and Sharnalayam – truly stand out. These organisations have delivered impact at scale and fundamentally changed the lives of thousands of beneficiaries. 

Maitri: Compassion for abandoned elderly mothers

Maitri India, embarked on a mission to support over 300 elderly mothers abandoned by their children on the streets of Vrindavan. Through a successful online fundraising campaign on, Maitri raised substantial funds to support their shelter, healthcare, nutritious meals, and emotional support as well.

The online campaign’s success was crucial in providing these elderly mothers with a safe, comfortable and loving home, something which they had been denied during the twilight years of their life. Access to medical care, nutritious meals, and emotional support was also a crucial need that the funds were able to provide to elderly mothers. The funds raised not only improved their lives but also demonstrated the power of collective compassion.

Manavlok: Trupti Kitchen program nourishing hundreds

Manavlok’s Trupti Kitchen program has been a lifeline for abandoned senior citizens in Indian villages. Their online fundraising campaign on garnered overwhelming support, enabling them to provide daily meals, healthcare, emotional support, and a sense of belonging to hundreds of seniors.

The campaign’s impact extended beyond meals, enhancing the overall well-being of these elders. It created a community and proved that collective kindness can make a profound difference in the lives of abandoned seniors.

Guria: Saving young lives from trafficking and abuse 

Give’s NGO partner Guria rescues and rehabilitates underage girls trafficked into prostitution. Their online fundraising campaign on funded daring rescue missions, medical attention, education, emotional support, and legal advocacy.

The funds raised illuminated the path toward a brighter future for these survivors, emphasising that collective compassion can overcome darkness and transform victims into survivors and heroes.

SHEOWS: Restoring dignity to abandoned senior citizens

Saint Hardyal Educational and Orphans Welfare Society (SHEOWS), committed to caring for abandoned senior citizens in India, ran a successful online fundraising campaign on The funds allowed them to provide shelter, healthcare, nutritious meals, and emotional support to over 500 beneficiaries.

This campaign underscored the impact of collective kindness, serving as a beacon of hope for abandoned seniors. It showcased that, by slowing down and offering love and support, we can build a brighter future for our elders.

Sharnalayam: Illuminating lives with compassion

Sharnalayam, provides care and protection to orphaned, abandoned, HIV+, and vulnerable children. Their online fundraising campaign on transformed the lives of numerous beneficiaries.

The campaign highlighted the power of collective kindness and compassion, proving that people from diverse backgrounds can bring about profound change. The funds raised played a pivotal role in expanding Sharnalayam’s reach and enhancing the quality of life for its beneficiaries.

The Impact of Online Fundraising

In a world where compassion and kindness are more important than ever, these organisations and their supporters on have demonstrated that when people unite with a common goal, they can create a brighter and more compassionate future for those in need. The success of these online fundraising campaigns not only raised funds but also shone a light on the power of collective generosity. As these NGOs continue their missions to make the world a better place, ongoing support from donors remains essential. Every contribution, regardless of its size, plays a crucial role in changing lives, offering hope, and building a more compassionate future for all.

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