LEADING The Umoya Foundation, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of this partnership.  Our journey with Social Venture Partner’s (SVP India) Fast Pitch program is a testament to this. We were part of SVP’s Fast Pitch in 2023 and I can tell you that it wasn’t just about fundraising; it was a catalyst for growth and impact for the children we serve.

Fast Pitch is a platform that offers social sector leaders the opportunity to learn how to pitch their organization’s story within 300 seconds, trained by a professional storytelling trainer. It culminates in an event where we get to pitch live to potential supporters, akin to Shark Tank. However, here the focus is on making a difference in the lives of those in need rather than chasing profits.

Fast Pitch became a defining moment.  It forced us to refine our message,  unify our voice, and articulate a clear vision – our “North Star.” SVP India’s mentors’ insightful critiques challenged us to think deeper about our work. This clarity proved invaluable in securing resources and driving impact.

SVP’s strength lies in its supportive ecosystem. Fellow entrepreneurs, dedicated staff and partners became our pillars of strength. Their guidance and encouragement bolstered our confidence to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

two girls playing sports
Image: The Umoya Foundation

The Umoya Foundation pitch: right to play for all

Umoya Sports champions the Right to Play initiative, a powerful concept with profound implications for children with disabilities. Research tells us play is the highest form of learning for all children. However, it’s often the first activity children with disabilities are excluded from.  These barriers limit their overall development, impacting education, healthcare and future opportunities.

Umoya works to dismantle these barriers. Through Right to Play, we create inclusive environments where children with disabilities can learn, socialize and thrive alongside their peers.

How the funding helped The Umoya Foundation

The SVP Fast Pitch program has been instrumental in Umoya’s growth. The unrestricted funding provided a unique advantage. Previously, limited resources made it difficult to invest in team well-being and organizational culture.  Fast Pitch funding allowed Umoya to address these needs, fostering a stronger, more cohesive team.

two girls walking
Image: The Umoya Foundation

The funding also enabled the development of non-programmatic initiatives. This broadened Umoya’s scope, building organizational capacity and resilience. Now, Umoya can better adapt to challenges and seize opportunities to create a lasting impact on the lives of children with disabilities.

Beyond fundraising

The trust-based funding from SVP Fast Pitch empowered us beyond immediate needs. We invested in team well-being, strengthened our culture and developed non-programmatic initiatives, fostering resilience and adaptability within our organization.

We are grateful for the growth SVP Fast Pitch has afforded us. Moving forward, we are committed to leveraging this experience to empower children with disabilities and drive sustainable impact. 

two boys playing sports
Image: The Umoya Foundation

How you can be part of this year’s event

Fast Pitch 2024 will showcase the stories of 12 NGO leaders focused on education, skill-building, disability, women’s empowerment, prison reform and hunger relief. They will pitch their journey to a virtual audience to raise awareness and unrestricted funds. Register here to join from anywhere in the country.

The online event starts at 5.30 pm on Thursday, 25 April 2024, register here:

Register Here

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