IN tragic and unjust instances around India, children with disabilities are beaten, starved, screamed at and even abandoned by parents or guardians who consider their children a burden. This impacts the mental state of a disabled child and shuts down their determination and resolve to work through their disabilities and improve their lives. But according to Unique Welfare Foundation, an NGO for disabled children and youngsters, they require time and patience to overcome their challenges and build their lives. If we fail to provide this to children with disabilities, we are deprived of countless children who can participate in and contribute to social and economic life.

Research indicates that one in every 10 children in India are disabled in some form. If these children do not receive proper care and guidance, it often leads to discrimination, abuse and even exploitation. Children and young people with disabilities are denied access to education and employment and this leaves them dependent on the mercies of others – which are unavailable to them. Unique Welfare Foundation is an NGO for disabled children who face abuse and need opportunities to find and reach their potential to become productive and self-sufficient. The organization provides the children with what they need: education, nutritious food, counseling, therapy and rehabilitation in a safe and positive environment.

Ending abuse

Unique Welfare Foundation is an NGO for disabled children and youngsters that aims to transform lives through rehabilitation. It first focuses on taking the children out of abusive environments. This is done through extensive conversations and sessions with the children’s parents and guardians to help them understand what a disabled child needs. The children are then enrolled in Unique Welfare Foundation’s program, which addresses the individual needs of each child. The programs are designed by trained experts from the NGO for disabled children and in time, the children’s futures are transformed and strengthened. 

Helping children helps families 

Helping the children become more self-sufficient removes the “burden” from the parents and guardians, who often are unaware of how to raise children who are differently-abled. In addition to being an NGO for disabled children, Unique Welfare Foundation ensures the parents of the children are able to care for their children, as much as possible. The NGO works with disabled children in rural India whose families are from poor and underprivileged. In most cases, these parents are not unwilling to help their children; they are just unable

a mother and her disabled child

Living in extreme poverty, the parents of these disabled children are forced to work from sunrise until nightfall just to make ends meet. From underprivileged backgrounds, these parents are denied the privilege of time. This means that being absent from their place of employment for an hour or two, even once, could mean losing their jobs and incomes. The NGO for disabled children ensures that by empowering the children to be self-reliant, the families are empowered too. To support Unique Welfare Foundation, you can donate here.

Their condition is worse than animals

Akhand Pratap from Unique Welfare Foundation shares that “disabled children are tortured. Because of severe mental and physical abuse, children with disabilities simply disintegrate. Their parents are tired and do not know how to care for their children. Helpless and out of options, the children are tied up inside the house while their parents are working.” The on-ground team from the NGO for disabled children goes on to share that the children’s condition is often worse than animals. 

a group of children with a young man looking at the camera

Akhand Pratap explains that the parents often say a harrowing thing: “it would be better if the child dies”. It is said out of hatred, but rather, to the helplessness at watching the child suffer and not being able to do anything about it. From not being able to feed their children on time to being too poor to afford care and treatment, the suffering of the parents is what drives the NGO for disabled children to serve people in rural India whose children need specialized care.

Akhand Pratap’s passion to help disabled children

One of the founders of Unique Welfare Foundation is Akhand Pratap, who started his career with a much different idea in mind. He graduated with an MBA, started working with an MNC and was on the path to building a successful career in another field. But his mind kept turning back to the suffering of underprivileged people across India who do not have the help and support needed. The reason is that Akhand Pratap grew up in a small town and witnessed how people suffer without access to their basic needs. 

This impacted Akhand Pratap well into adulthood and he decided to learn about the pressing issues that affect people and devise solutions to meet these needs. Hearing about the struggles of differently-abled people propelled him and the other founders to establish an NGO for disabled children. In providing the children and families obtain access to resources to support, the ultimate aim is to empower their lives and transform their futures.

Support Unique Welfare Foundation 

Since 2018, this Uttar Pradesh-based NGO for disabled children has transformed the lives of 700 disabled children through education, nutritious meals, counseling, physiotherapy and other forms of support to help the children improve their mental and physical condition. But there are still another 300 children who need care that only Unique Welfare Foundation can provide.

Unique Welfare Foundation needs support to continue helping disabled children understand that they are not just valuable, but they have an important role to play in this world. Because of a lifetime of neglect or abuse, children with disabilities often suffer from low self-esteem and even suicidal thoughts. But with enough opportunities provided by this NGO for disabled and abused children, the children and youngsters can dream of a better and future and have the support to work toward it.

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