"Funding & Investing" sector in India.

Showing 201 NGOs and social enterprises that are working in the Funding & Investing sector in India

Michael and Susan Dell Foundation

New Delhi, Delhi

Facilitates grants and impact investments to provide economic stability through education, financial services, jobs and livelihoods with the help of other stakeholders

Villgro Innovations Foundation

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

A social enterprise incubator which provides funding, mentorship and support to for-profit early-stage social enterprises

Unltd India

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Finds, funds and supports entrepreneurs for social impact programs

Concern India Foundation

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Provides financial and non-financial support to NGOs working in the areas of education, health and community development

Lok Capital

Gurgaon, Haryana

Invests in social impact organizations to promote inclusive and sustainable growth in multiple sectors

Ankur Capital

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Provides seed funding, technical know-how and expert assistance to startups working in the social impact sector

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

New Delhi, Delhi

Improving the quality of healthcare, sanitation and financial services for the underprivileged population

Gray Matters India

Bangalore, Karnataka

Invests in businesses focused on education, skill development and technological advancement in women

Asha Impact

Delhi, Delhi

Identifies sector-specific policy bottlenecks to create social impact, boost social entrepreneurship and encourage impact investment in India

BayTree Ventures

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Provides a platform to connect social enterprises with socially-motivated investors

Deshpande Foundation

Hubballi, Karnataka

Funds and supports social impact programs and solutions with significant social or market impact

Aavishkaar (Aavishkaar Venture Management Services)

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Invests in early-stage social enterprises across multiple sectors to provide them capital and support

Impact Investors Council

New Delhi, Delhi

Aims to strengthen impact investing in India by creating a network of active investors and encouraging investments in social enterprises


Bangalore, Karnataka

Invests in early-stage social enterprises with innovative solutions in agriculture, education, and healthcare

Unitus Ventures

Bangalore, Karnataka

Provides seed funding and support to early-stage startups with the potential to serve large low-income populations through innovation