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1. To start organic farming practices among farmers in four villages from Pune(Ranjangaon) and Ahmednagar district. and Awareness Generation on Organic Farming through Pre-Vocational Education Program in secondary schools - Fodder Making Topics

Campaign by Navsanjeevan Social Trust

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Undoubtedly, green revolution technologies have revolutionized the food production scenario and transformed Indian agriculture from subsistence to surplus-generating enterprise. But indiscriminate use of chemical inputs (fertilizers, pesticides, and hormones) and over-exploitation of natural resources led to a decline in soil health and fertility, depleting natural resources and contamination in the environment, water, and food. All these concerns have underscored the need for exploring alternative agricultural systems, that are sustainable, environment-friendly, non-degrading, non-contaminating and offer better income opportunities to the farmers along with safe and healthy food to citizens.

Non-chemical natural farming systems which rely largely on biomass recycling, biological rejuvenation of natural nutrient cycles and promote usage of on-farm plant and livestock-based inputs are being used with considerable success in various parts of the country by individual practitioners. Such natural farming systems, besides being sustainable, non-degrading, non-depleting and resource-conserving are also low cost. They give freedom to farmers from purchased inputs, ensure comparable productivity, and increased income and are safe to soil, the environment and all life forms including humans and animals.

 Adoption of natural farming practices on farmer fields has been found to enrich the soils with organic carbon, increased microbial activity, and increased activity of earthworms leading to restoration of natural nutrient cycles, improved water holding capacity and increased biological activity. Natural farming fields with adequate diversity have been found to be less prone to insect pest attacks.

The project will be implemented in four villages of Ranjangaon and Ahmednagar area. Each village will have 50 farmers who will be selected for the project. The project will be implemented in six phases.

Phase 1: Farmer Selection: identify 50 eligible farmers in each of the four villages who are willing to convert one acre of their land into organic farming.

Soil and water testing: soil and water test will be taken from selected farmers' borewell/well, and soil tests as per the requirement of an organic crop.

Phase 2: Training and Education - The project will focus on training and educating farmers about the benefits of organic farming and the methods of organic farming. The training program will also include field visits to organic farms to provide farmers with practical exposure.

 Phase 3: Awareness and Promotion- The project will focus on creating awareness about organic farming among the local community and promoting it. -Skill on wheels for Awareness  

Phase 4: Conversion to Organic Farming-The project's three phases will focus on converting one acre of land in each village into organic farming.

Phase 5: Monitoring and Evaluation-

 Implement a robust monitoring and evaluation system to assess the progress of the project.

1)    Conversion of one acre of land in each village into organic farming within three years.

2)    Improved soil health, biodiversity, and environmental sustainability.

3)    Increased income for farmers due to the sale of organic produce.

4)    Increased awareness about organic farming among the local community.

5)    Promotion of the consumption of organic produce.

Navsanjeevan Social Trust

Navsanjeevan Social Trust

Beneficiary Charity

Yuvraj Moholkar

Yuvraj Moholkar


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