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Help homeless people get pillows, mates, bed sheets, safe drinking water, mosquito cover and recreationals.

Campaign by Vailankanni Society for Rural Construction and Technical Education

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“VIRTUE” has been running 4 shelters for 200 homeless orphan children, women, men and elders at Nagappattinam, Tiruvarur, Puduchery and Chennai with support of State Government. Mostly the beneficiaries are beggars, street children and women in distress. Most of them have no families. To provide shelter to the beneficiaries, Government supports its building and night food only. But the homeless people need food in the morning, midday meal, medical care, pillows, mates, bed sheets, safe drinking water, mosquito cover and counseling support. Many of them go outside in the morning and comeback in the evening for food and stay at home. They are continuing their begging in the streets, bus stands, bazaars and railway stations for their food. More than 15% of the elders met health problem and they need often medical care. Children and women are also met stomach problems, fever, headache etc. So, almost 80% people need medical kit for their minor ailments. The age group of the beneficiaries are from 15 to 70 years. Very few will go to their native occasionally and sit in the temple and come back in the evening. Some of the men addicted for narcotic drugs and they need counseling support.

“VIRTUE” plans to address the immediate needs of the beneficiaries. The immediate needs are; pillows, mates, bed sheets, safe drinking water and mosquito cover. 200 numbers of pillows, mates, bed sheets and mosquito covers will be purchased and will distribute to each beneficiary. Safe drinking water will be provided for a month at the home. These supports prevent from mosquitoes and illness and have nice sleep at the night hours. To keep the people with good habits weekly meetings will be organized for group counselling and recreation. A TV will be installed at each home for the recreation of the beneficiaries.

We wish to create the following impact:

-200 (children, women, men, elders) beneficiaries will get safe sleeping in the night hours by using pillows, mosquito cover and bed sheets,

-200 beneficiaries will get safe drinking water for a month,

-200 beneficiaries will spent their time in the evening with recreation mood and forget their distress before sleeping,

-200 beneficiaries will improve their ethical values through weekly meetings and counselling support.

Vailankanni Society for Rural Construction and Technical Education

Vailankanni Society for Rural Construction and Technical Education

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