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লক্ষীর ভাঁড় 2024: Will You be our Annapurna?


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লক্ষীর ভাঁড় 2024 (Lakshmir Bhar 2024)

More than 20 years ago, Shri Balaram Karan, an ordinary man from a remote village in Midnapore took an EXTRAORDINARY step. In an impromptu action he decided to bring home a couple of unfortunate orphans from the street. He then decided not to allow any orphan in the locality to starve and soon brought around 20 children under his aegis.

But raising 20 children was expensive and soon Mr. Karan finished his life’s savings. He went broke, but his confidence was not broken - he was determined take care of the children.

Soon he came up with an innovative idea to “crowd-source” food from homemakers in the village. He kept a pot in every house and begged the ladies to spare a fistful of rice everyday for the orphans. He called this “লক্ষীর ভাঁড়“(Pot of Goddess Annapurna); and the village Annapurnas did not disappoint him.. And this is how “Antyodoy Anath Ashram” started.

This was highlighted in Anandabazar Patrika in June 2004.


Since then, 2 decades of relentless perseverance, dedication and sacrifice have resulted in a true deluge of “অন্ত্যোদয়” – upliftment of the most deprived! It now has multiple centres across locations and houses over 250 orphans and destitute children. Today, Antyodoy Anath Ashram touches the lives of 1200+ people DAILY!However, the basic challenges remain the same.. Getting food for hundreds of needy is still a major problem and “লক্ষীর ভাঁড়“ (pot of Annapurna) is still needed, albeit on a bigger scale!

Antyodoy Anath Ashram and Mr. Balaram Karan need YOUR help.

Please click on the link to support

Requesting everyone to contribute a little and be an Annapurna to the needy orphans and children of Antyodoy Anath Ashram. 

Any contribution, big or small, will be helpful.



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Animesh Sen

Animesh Sen


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