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Aarti for Girls, under the legal entity Vijay Foundation Trust (Assn), started as a home for abandoned girls in1992, and has since grown into an umbrella organisation that works for the rights of girls and fight for gender equality. It has many components all of which are constantly growing and changing to adapt to the needs of our girls and community. Aarti for Girls also runs Aarti English Medium School for needy children who cannot afford fees

Aarti for Girls providing shelter, food, education, cloths, health care to the children of Aarti.

Aarti English Medium School provides education and transport for under-privileged. 

Our School was started in 2007 with mission to provide quality education at a minimum or no fee to the underprivileged children along with our Aarti children. Aarti School is progressing with 600+ students from Nursery to X class with 24+ qualified and experienced teachers. Our library has good collection of books, mostly donated by our volunteers from India and Abroad.

The heart of Aarti for Girls is our village, consists of 120 number of children who call it home. We strive to provide all of the children with a community to belong in and an environment that supports their education and growth. Each of the children live in family based houses, including 15 children and a house mother. These house mothers have all been girls at Aarti and provide a source of guidance and comfort for their younger sisters, who in turn form support networks for one another. We envision Aarti Village as being a close community where women and children in difficult circumstances can prosper and find meaningful relationships.

Aarti for Girls

Aarti for Girls

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Sunil Kanth Rachamadugu

Sunil Kanth Rachamadugu


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