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500 cancer patients are fighting for life, help Nargis Dutt Foundation give them urgent chemotherapy

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“My 8-year-old son was diagnosed with cancer and it left the entire family devastated. I was told the cost of treatment would run into lakhs. I was barely managing to make ends meet and there was nothing I could do to save Swaroop. But the Nargis Dutt Foundation stepped in and took care of all the expenses. I can’t even imagine the consequences had they not been there for my son,,” says teary-eyed Devendra.

The helplessness that Devendra felt is not uncommon among low-income families of cancer patients. There are many who helplessly see their dear ones, including children, lose their life in the most painful manner. Nargis Dutt Foundation has ensured that thousands of families don’t see this fate. It’s been a ray of hope for thousands of cancer patients since its inception over 40 years back. You can help save many more patients with cancer. Donate now.

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The cost of each chemotherapy is as much as ₹15,000 and a cancer patient can require between 6 to 12 sessions. The hefty cost for cancer treatment is well beyond the reach for poor families that are barely surviving on two square meals a day. Help Nargis Dutt Foundation provide treatment to poor cancer patients and save them from a slow and painful death.

Giving hope to cancer patients

“I was just 13 when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. When I saw my mother struggling for life it left a lifelong impact on me. Her condition had deteriorated to such an extent she was almost unrecognisable. I know how it feels like to lose a loved one to cancer and I am not alone in my grief. There are thousands of people struggling to save their family members,” says Priya, daughter of noted actress Nargis Dutt, who lost her life to cancer, and in whose name the NGO has been founded. Priya has made it her life’s mission to save as many cancer patients as she can, but she can not do it alone. Nargis Dutt Foundation needs your support. Your donation can not only save cancer patients but can give life to entire families.

Need for the fundraiser

Cancer is often seen as a death sentence. But doctors say that if detected early and if a patient receives essential treatment, the illness can be defeated and the person can return to their lives. “Treatment of cancer often depends on multiple factors including the type of cancer and the stage in which it is detected. Some patients require surgery while some can be cured with just chemotherapy or immunotherapy. “Whatever may be the need, our nonprofit supports patients till the time they are cancer free. We not only take care of the cost of treatment but even assist patients with nutrition which is vital in the fight against cancer. Moreover, we ensure that family members who are already facing immense hardships get proper accommodation and food during treatment so they don’t suffer any further,” says the NGO leader. With your support, Nargis Dutt Foundation can help patients win the fight against cancer and save their families from grief of losing a loved one.

Donate to this fundraiser by Give, India’s largest and most trusted fundraising platform, to support Nargis Dutt Foundation in their mission to give life-saving chemotherapy and care to cancer patients who can not afford treatment.

6 Jun, 2024

We're excited to share that with your support, we've continued to make significant strides in helping cancer patients access the treatment they urgently need! Through the generous contributions received, we've recently provided vital chemotherapy treatments to several patients.

Your donations have directly supported numerous patients at Tata Memorial Hospital, each receiving crucial funding for multiple chemotherapy sessions. Your contributions save lives.

60 patients all over India were supported through their battle with cancer. That's 60 people who can see a better tomorrow because of your impact. Each patient was supported through roughly 5-6 chemotherapy sessions.

Thank you for your commitment to this cause. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of those battling cancer.

Donate now. Save lives.

5 Jan, 2024

Mister Helal Uddin is an Assamese farmer who was forced to give up his profession to battle his deadly thoracic cancer. Now their only source of income comes from their son who works in a daily wage shop in Mumbai and has to provide for the entire family. Mr Helal Uddin and his wife can barely sustain their lifestyle of eating two meals daily and living in a room shared with several others.

His weekly Chemotherapy sessions cost Rs 6,000 which is far outside his capability to finance independently. The Nargis Dutt Foundation has thrown him and his loved ones a lifeline by funding his treatment costs and giving him a fighting chance for his very survival.

Like Mr Uddin, The Nargis Dutt Foundation provides critical support to dozens of other cancer patients by funding their Chemo treatments as well as other support including surgery, medicines, and even radiation cycles.

They provide unfathomable relief to families of people who suffer from this nightmare and need your continued support to keep healing the sick.

Donate now to help cancer patients live the best life they can!

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