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Women have been systematically excluded from higher education, vocational trainings and as a result remunerative work and employment. Families and households give greater priority to the education and training of boys and men, creating a vicious cycle whereby girls and women are consistently denied bettering of their work and employment prospects, their access and capacity for decision-making and the possibility of determining the course of their own lives. The last decade has seen a percentage increase of women in higher education, but a steep decline in the women workforce participation rate.

One of the ways to break this vicious cycle of denying women their rights is creating the training and development opportunities for resource poor women and increasing their access to them.

iPartner India presents an innovative model providing livelihood with dignity to rural woman whilst also saving our environment. Women are stitching cloth bags to replace plastic bags which are now being banned due to hazardous impact on the environment. We are facing one of the most serious environmental disasters in history. Discarded plastic wrappers, cups and bags litter the streets of Indian cities and beaches and make up part of the mountain-sized landfills on the outskirts of our cities!

The need of the hour is to find a sustainable replacement for the plastic bags. Seeking an alternative to plastic bags, iPartner India has collaborated with garment factories who are donating their excess fabric to these women, who then stitch simple shopping bags which are then sold to shop owners and other retail outlets for their customers to use.

With over 21 billion tonnes of fabric being wasted every year, this is a pro-active step forward to reduce the 26,000 tonnes of plastic waste in India.

The women who will receive your support belong to the most marginalized edges of society, who experience various forms of negligence within their communities and are most often denied access to their basic rights. At home, these women encounter repeated episodes of domestic and gender based violence and are not allowed to experience freedom to choose and live.

iPartner India’s experience of working with women shows that when women earn, they are able to effectively break the cycle abuse, pay more attention to nutrition and the health needs of their entire family, educate their children, and are more confident to take part in decision making for themselves and their family.

Your support will help resource poor women from West Bengal, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Your support will go towards purchasing sewing machines, setting up a sewing centre and providing marketing support for selling the bags made by these women.

Through you support women will be able to earn livelihood with dignity and will be paid for each bag they stitch and many of them will be able to earn between INR 8,000 - 10,000 a month by stitching up to 30 bags a day.Every donation you make will ensure that a woman is able to stand on her own two feet

- offering the chance of an education to her children, making her future bright.

iPartner India

iPartner India

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Nisha Dubey

Nisha Dubey


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